30 October 2011

Ya, We're Classy Like That

To kick off this classy post, here are some black and white photos from the weekend.

Chel and I made a trip to see the King's Singers

Pumpkin carving with camel

Awkward pose picture

This weekend was full of classy moments. First, chel and I went to the Utah  Symphony and saw the Kings Singers. They were some fun British chaps. They sang some interesting songs, but probably the best (or the only ones we recognized) were All You Need Is Love and Home, by the Beatles and Michael Buble, in that order. They were some fun guys!
We also got to ride Trax and found the most attractive black man ever. mmmm...Then, as classy as we are, we hit the local village inn for a midnight dinner :)

Saturday night camie and I had a Pumpkin/Egg Nog/Wedding Party. We carved pumpkins and baked the seeds with a secret yummy recipe...While we waited for our seeds to cook we watched wedding videos online. Oh ya people, we're 18 and sappy. Then, we ate seeds, drank egg nog, and watched more love-story videos. Such a great night.

Today I went to my friend Shawn's farewell. He is a stud and gave one of the best farewell talks I've ever heard (sorry, no one can beat my man's talk) Then I kicked it with my family and spent the evening with the nunez's (is that correct punctuation? I doubt it. ) carving pumpkins and eating seeds.

And now, at 10 pm on sunday night, I am beginning my homework. Three cheers for the slacker. 

I made it!

People, I finally made it. I am now a member of the 21st century. Be excited :) I will tell you the details of exactly how I made it at a later date. But for now, just know that I am here :)

27 October 2011

Yes, They Still Exist

I was really really really close to missing my bus this morning. I'm talking the poor driver had to open the door back up I was so late...Late. But whatever, I made it.
 When I got on the bus, however, I immediately wished I hadn't been so late. ALL the seats were full and multiple people were standing. So, much to my dismay, I took off my huge backpack and got ready to stand all the way down to orem.
 Then a man, probably in his late thirties and cutely brown (i like those kind of men), offered me his seat. I asked if he was sure and he replied "of course."

People, they still exist.

I missed out on getting a seat because I was late. This was in no way the man's problem, but he was a gentlemen. I graciously accepted his offer, I love chivalrous men. They still exist, on public transportation :)

Top Ten Thursdays!! Favorite Things About Fall

Happy Thursday and happy fall :) Here are my Top Ten Fall Favs:

10. Baking. Fall finally means my parents wil let us turn on the oven again, which in the Stober home is a big deal :) Hello baked potatoes and cookies!
9. Cloudy days. I don't like snow, per say, but I do enjoy big dark clouds and the occasional rain fall.
8. Pajama days. For me, fall means it is socially acceptable to stay in your sweats ALL DAY...as long as you don't leave your home. If you go out, you have to wear real clothes. period.
7. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. oh ya baby, it's that time. Hate all you want, but I have definetly begun listening to some great christmas tunes.
6. The leaves and the GOREGOUS fall colors. duh
5. Hot chocolate. mmmmmmm
4. Best naps ever. Something about cold weather screams perfect nap.
3. Thanksgiving AND black friday...(although this year, I won't be participating in such activities. I'll be surfing. in maui. no biggie)
2. the CLOTHES!!! hello scarves, boots, mittens, hats, and cuteeee jackets :) hello.
1. the fact that there is only 11 months (and a couple weeks) until I see my man! Next year at this time, i'll be one happy girl ;)

26 October 2011


 Yep, I've been pinteresting it up! I pretty much have my whole non-existant house decorated and...maybe a wedding planned. It's a great place :)
 I got some pictures from Cameron yesterday. Mmmm that boy is so attractive. The pictures caused me to have a dream about him. He was home (I didn't know) and he came to school to surprise me. I cried a lot when I finally got to hug him. And then I woke up.
 People, if you have someone significant in your life, love them. Give them a big hug and smell their neck. Hold hands and kiss spontaneously. Sit in the car and enjoy being together. Because, trust me, when you have to go two years without even hearing his voice, you will dream about just being able to have him next to you, let alone hug you.

I can't wait to have my cameron back... 11 more months

23 October 2011

I'm That Person

Sometimes...when the weather is super nice and I'm going to maui soon, I need to run. I ran yesterday and after italian for dinner I felt the need to run today (my cheese cake in the fridge also added to that need) So after some visiting teaching I laced up my shoes and hit the ground, running. (no pun intended.) I figured, it's sunday, I'll be quick and no one will catch me in my sin.
haha I'm pretty sure everyone in my home ward decided they should be out tonight. Maybe they knew i'd be out for a run and they wanted to increase my guilt about not resting on the sabbath. Whatever it was, I wish they had been inside. haha.
Unfortunetly, chubbiness does not rest on sundays, so, when the weather is like this...neither can I. I just hope next time I don't get caught ;)

My Other Family

Social issues within the parking lot.

ya, we're cute

Picture of the night. What in the world is chel doing with her lip?

Chuck the deuce up. Ya, we learned a new phrase thanks to Nicki Minaj

Chel and I hung out this week! On wednesday I stayed in provo and all of us (including chel's roomates) went to the DI to find our halloween costumes. Then Chel, Cesete, and I went to Panda. mmmm
The next night Chel came to SLC and we went to Cafe Rio with her dad, brother in law Jon, and niece Abby. It was a party. Then chel dragged me to some grass roots dream act meeting. It turned out to be really interesting AND included hot latino men. I have a thing for them ;) mmmm Then we stopped for HC and crashed crystal's house for some modern family.
Last night I joined chel's family at the ReAl game. SO FUN! ReAl tied...lame, but there were lots of fun moments during the game. After the game we went to cheese cake factory for dessert. mmm. Ya, if you haven't noticed, I go out a lot when i'm with the nunez clan. It just happens. But it is so fun. I love her family! They are so freaking funny and so close. I love spending time with all of them and know every time i'm over there, it's going to be a fun time!! They are the greatest

22 October 2011

Date Night

This boy is a great date. Tonight we went for a drive up butterfield canyon and took some pictures. Then we went to dinner at cafe zupas. We sang together in the car and talked about our lives. He is one of my greatest friends and is always there for me. Incase you don't know, Patrick is my brother...AND is single. He is a real catch. Trust me.
I had a great date with this kid :)

20 October 2011

The Big 1

1 year ago today was probably the hardest day of my life.
1 year from today will probably be the best day of my life.

1 year ago today I cried more than anyone should ever cry.
1 year from today I will cry more than anyone should ever cry.

1 year ago today I started counting the days.
1 year from today the count will be over.

1 year ago he walked away from me at the mtc.
1 year from today he will walk to me at the airport.

1 year ago today he was only to be called Elder Trujillo.
1 year from today he will be Cameron.

1 year from today, we will pick up where we left off, one year ago today.

One year down. One to go.
I can not wait to meet the man that cameron has become and to have my best friend home again.
You can't even imagine how excited I am for next october.

18 October 2011

Things from Today 10/18

my professor compared the earth's polar stream to a yamika. "It's like the earth is wearing a yamika."

a booth at school had a huge sign that said "free candy AND condoms."
I went and stalked up.

there is a crazy girl laughing at her computer and talking to herself. maybe she's skyping...but i'd bet she's crazy.

17 October 2011


That awkward moment when you find out the guy that asked you to dinner held hands with your best friend the night before.

Can it be next october already?

13 October 2011

Only in College

Some days are more interesting than others. Today was one of those "some days."
I got on the bus and as soon as we drove away someone began playing the ukulele. Seriously. ALL THE WAY DOWN TO OREM. People, this is not hawaii.
THEN...after my first class I was hustling to meteorology and there was a girl dressed as Pikachu. WTF. She had ears, a tail, and pikachu pajama pants. Have you no shame? At all?
Oh people, it gets better.
The other night chelsea told me she saw some strange people walking around at BYU with cloaks on. Yes, full on, hood and everything, just walked out of harry potter, cloaks. I laughed, thinking "only at BYU."
I was mistaken.
In my meteorology class....someone had on a full on green cloak. Nothing says fall like a hooded cloak.
Take your pick, today was a day full of  college weirdos.
Thank goodness tomorrow is friday.

Top Ten Thursdays!! My Bad Habits

Happy Thursday! One more day until the weekend people! Top Ten Thursdays today is My Top Ten Bad Habits. Don't judge me :) Here goes:
(In no particular order)

10. Never putting away my hair tools (curling iron, straightener, hairspray, ect.) It bugs the heck out of me, and yet I never put them away.
9. Repetition. I find some thing I LOVE...then I do it over and over until I hate it. Like when I find a new song that I love, I listen to it until I can't stand it.
8. Bad eating habits. I hardly ever eat breakfast and I have something really low calorie for lunch (like an 80 cal soup at hand) and then I go home and eat because I'm sooooo hungry! I need balance.
7. Biting my nails. Ever wonder why I always have to have a manicure? Ya, it's because I bite my nails like a boy. I can't keep nail polish on to save my life.
6. Throwing my clothes on my bedroom floor. Every day I try on like three outfits, then I throw all the clothes on the floor when I don't like how I look. On Saturday I spend close to an hour picking up all the clothes and hanging them up. no joke.
5. Sticking my tongue out. I do it when I'm concentrated or working hard....I still haven't grown out of it.
4. Pinterest. It's addictive.
3. Straightening or curling the front part of my hair again and again...and again. I have stunted the growth of the hair near my face. No lie, I have a mullet. (secretly) It's bad. I'm highly considering extensions just for the front of my hair. It is bad.
2. Stressing out. I stress so much my hair falls out. I stress about everything!
1. Bleaching my teeth. A lot. I know no such thing as "ice" cream. I have to melt it in the microwave because my teeth are sooooo sensitive.

There you have it, my dirty little sercrets.

12 October 2011


I hate to admit this...but I ended up going to the high school choir concert tonight in support of my brother. I haven't been to wj since I left the morning of graduation. It was so weird to be back in the hall ways and to see so many familiar people. College is weird. I know no one. I am no one. That was never the case in high school. Even tonight friendly faces, including Mrs. Robertson, went out of their way to say hi to me. I miss that. I miss mattering and having a place. I love this new part of my life, but going back tonight made me realize the lack of appreciation I had for such a great time in my life.
The other part of my nostalgia has to do with my missionary. I saw his old locker tonight. It brought back memories of the days I used to wait after school and "conveniently" talk to my friends in front of his locker just to see if he'd look my way. He always did. We had such a silly relationship back then. We'd walk right past one another in the hallways, even though we both wanted to say hello to one another, simply because we were too scared. Ya, we're very alike. I remember the days I'd sit at the lunch table to face his table and him. We'd make eye contact all lunch but neither of us acted upon it. We were so silly. Although I don't miss the awkwardness and shyness between us, I miss seeing him. I miss having a text message telling me how beautiful and loved I am when I wake up. I miss having someone to share my nights and weekends with. I miss holding hands. I hate always being lonely and always the extra wheel on someone's date. Missionaries are weird. After a while, it seems they aren't real anymore. It's not something you can explain, I think it's only something you understand when you feel it. I'm glad I went to the school tonight, because I was able to be reminded how real he is. How much he loves me and all the good (and awkward) times we had together at that school. I decided though, it's time to see his family again. They make him real for me and they like talking about him just as much as I do. and they listen.

09 October 2011

Pumpkin Patch

                                                                                         I'm pretty sure nothing could top my day.

06 October 2011


People, it's here. Fall is here. Sketchy weather. Boots. Scarves. And the begining of the holiday season.

Hey, it's my blog. I can post pictures of my self if I want.

Happy Fall!

Top Ten Thursdays!! My Pet Peeves

Happy Thursday! and...Happy Fall!!
Okay pet peeves. Here goes: (in no particular order)

10. People that drive with their turn bliker on. Seriously, turn it off.
9. When Patrick takes a shower for an hour and blasts his crap music throughout the house.
8. When people (my brother) clip their toe nails. It's just gross. Do it outside.
7. One word text messages. Ya. No. Cool. Excuse me? You texted me, you better have something to say.
6. People that ride the motor wheel chairs at grocery stores because they are too fat to walk. Hey, maybe if you walked through the store you wouldn't be so fat.
5. PDA. It's not that I'm bitter. It's just gross.
4. Mail and newspapers on the counter. Stuff on the counter in general.
3. Obama. And those that actually think he is doing good things for our country. (I'm sorry to my democrat friends. I love you still.)
2. Those people in your classes that answer every single question. The best part: I know I'm way smarter than them.
1. Flakes.

05 October 2011


I went to Walmart today and picked up the essentials...

Sunless tan lotion.
Lipstick in assorted colors.
and T. Lautner by my side.
I'm serious about my shopping trips.

04 October 2011

Things from Today

- Woke up at 6:30 on a Tuesday. Tuesday and Thursday are my sleep-in-until-7:30 days. Lame.
- I took patrick to school and was ALMOST identified by my ex-fellow classmen. I don't want them to think i'm a loser that still hangs out at high school. That is so NOT me.
- Went to the dentist. Still no cavaties. But my dental hygentist said I should get more whitening bleach...As if I'm not self concious enough.
- Made it to the bus stop on time for once. There was no running with my huge back pack for me!
- Dropped my student id/bus pass on the cement in line. I have nails...I seriously could not pick it up. Thankfully some nice man picked it up for me. I'm such a helpless freshman.
- Made it all the way to lunch without any issues.
- Went to the library to cook my instant "soup at hand" soup...and when I was opening the top it spilled all over me. Yep. All over. Now I know why I was so prompted not to bring the tomato soup today. I'll just be smelling like soup all day. No biggie. Try it, all the cool kids (me) are doing it.

On a more positive note...I talked to cam today on facebook IM.  I love that he has facebook now. Some days you just need someone to tell you that you're pretty and loved. Even smelling like soup and being a helpless freshman, that boy would do anything for me. I am loved.

Just under 13 months until cam comes home.  YAY!

03 October 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

I hate that weekends ever have to end.
 Today was SO busy. I went to work and then drove down to orem to take a meteorology test. then drove back. lame. Maybe if I didn't have such great weekends mondays wouldn't be so awful.

one thing sure cheers me up on mondays. yep, emails from my missionary. he's a keeper. I am so grateful to be blessed with him in my life, even if he isn't in my day to day life at the moment, one day he will be.

Man i hate modays.

02 October 2011

October Weekend #1

The Arizona Monument Feb. 2011

The wall of names. So sacred.

If you didn't guess it by now...I watched pearl harbor this weekend.
if you haven't seen it, go watch it. now.
it was so great. i most definitely cried. it was such a beautiful love story, the kind i'm a sucker for. chel, camel, ash, and i cuddled on the couch, ate cookies, and in typical girl fashion, watched a love story, all, i'm sure, dreaming of our own.


saturday night I visited with lex, josh, camie, and ashlee for a while then when onto date night with chel.
we went and saw Taylor Lautner at the movies.
   we enjoyed multiple shirtless scenes and tension throughout the entire movie. i don't think either of us know what the story was about. but there was russians, a train, and t. laut on a motorcycle. it doesn't get better.
 then we stopped and got rice at my house and headed to chel's to watch glee at one in the morning. it was a great night. never a dull moment with the nunez's. seriously.

now i'm watching conference and waiting for my cute parents to come home from st. george. the apostles are truly the lord's prophets. the gospel is true, and i am loved.

I hope you all had a good weekend as well bloggers!