18 June 2015


Currently: sitting on my front porch grateful for all that I have. I love our little home. 

07 June 2015

hello again

hello blog world!

it's been a very long time. I've been thinking about this blog lately - I think it's because it pops up on my "timehop" often. I thought I'd come back and say hello.

life with cameron is lovely. we have a happy house and have been blessed far beyond what we deserve.

I'll post pictures someday.

Sine I last posts we've both gained weight (me more than him), work full time, I've graduated college, he's transferred to the U to finish. We now have a dog & a cat and wonderful callings.

Life truly is so great. I'm excited to get back to blogging now that I have more time without school. here's a few pictures of our life as of late.

hanging out at pony express days together 6/2015

visiting the Calgary LDS temple 5/2015

graduation from the U of U - BS Poly Sci 5/2015

Anniversary cruise (Roatan) 4/2015

Anniversary Cruise 4/2015

Our dog Philly (named for the city cameron served his mission)