24 September 2012

Countdown of Things to Come

I can not tell you how happy I am that it is fall...Here is a little countdown of good things coming to me this season.

26 days: SOJO half marathon. I can't wait until I can sleep in on Saturday's and not have to run ten miles. How will I ever train for a full marathon?
29 days: missionary comes home
30 days: first date with cameron. We are taking a road trip up American Fork Canyon and having a picnic at the top. It will be late October and absolutely goregous (and probably freezing). We are going to talk and cuddle all day.
37 days: Halloween. Cameron, Dad, and I will be passing out candy to trick-or-treaters and eating pizza. Sounds like a perfect night.
43 days: election day. All the craziness of my internship will finally be over. And we will have a new president (or so I hope). I can't wait to spend the night watching the election returns all dressed up and fancy. I love the political life.
47 days: road trip to Cameron's grandma & grandpa's property (maybe. I think it'll be this weekend)
54 days: Mayday Parade concert.
55 days: MAUI. MAUI. MAUI. with cameron, my family, and my amazing extended family. It's going to be the best vacation ever.
59 days: Thanksgiving. With cameron. and all my lovely family.

I'll stop here. There's more good to come in december and hopefully an official proposal somewhere in here. This girl is excited about the future and happy it's finally here.

23 September 2012

6, 5, 4 weeks

Oh ya, remember that countdown I was going to do? you know, the 15 reasons I am waiting 15 more weeks? Well, I pretty much have given up on blogging, until tonight. So instead of doing my silly countdown I am just going to let it out.

 I'm pretty much scared out of my mind.

30 days left, and I am so happy to see him again. However, in the back of my head is that little negativity that asks, "what if it doesn't work out. What if you spent two years of your life waiting for a boy who won't like you anymore?" What if?

The thought completely torments me, but is a valid fear. This is why other girls date and don't "put all their eggs in one basket." This is why people don't wait. I can't even remember what his voice sounds like or how much taller than me he is in person, and yet, I'm planning on marring him in the spring. I haven't been on a date since last september, and it was an awful date at that. I don't remember how to kiss or even "go on a date." All I remember is "waiting for a missionary. for cameron." I'm scared to have to relearn everything.

Now, let's be honest....It's going to take work. I think we both understand that. We are going to have to re-date one another and get to know each other again. Two years is a long time, and a lot has happened these past two years in both of our lives. I believe however, through all this doubt and fear and all the hard work that it is going to take, that we are going to make it. We are going to get engaged, get married, and start our life together. It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

I signed up for this. I knew what I was getting into and I promised to wait. I have been so blessed by this choice and am so proud of my missionary. It has been a long road and I'm sure the next 30 days will be no exception. But we are going to do this. We are going to be that 1% and I can't wait.

I love you babes and although I am so scared of our next steps, I can't wait to take them with you.
Seen you soon.

A Trip to Find Fall

Today instead of taking my usual Sunday nap, I headed up to Butterfield canyon to find fall.
About two and a half miles up the leaves have changed, and they are beautiful. 
I parked my car and walked around like taking pictures of the leaves. Classic. 
It was a beautiful afternoon, and a great beginning to a wonderful season. 

Welcome back fall. I'm am beyond happy to see you. 

02 September 2012

Self Portrait

I'm taking photography this semester. Finally. 

My first assignment is a self portrait. 

Obviously this is not the greatest angle for my poor thighs, but this is my self portrait. 

The letters represent my greatest goal and focus in my life right now. Cameron. 
The location is my home. Or, just behind it. The hills behind my house. 
I pretty much wear the pearls everyday and sunflowers are my favorite flower. Ever. 

It's not much of an artist statement, but this is only my first assignment. I can't wait until my professor teaches me how to edit this as well as learn all the basics of photography. 

Maybe I'll start taking pictures again. 

7 Weeks

The reason I am waiting 7 more weeks is because of his amazing family. His mom mostly. I am so grateful for her continual sacrifice for both her son and myself. Every phone call, every text. All the late nights she let me spend with him before he left. For letting me be there at his setting apart and at the MTC when we said goodbye. She loves her son so much, that she freely sacrifices for me. Freely and continually. I am so grateful to have her support and her love. I can't wait for all that this fall will bring both of us and I can't wait to live at her house again. And most of all, I can't wait to marry her son.

8 Weeks

The reason I am waiting 8 more weeks is selfish and vain.

 We are going to maui over thanksgiving. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to spend a vacation with my amazing family, extended family, and my lovely missionary. So why am I waiting 8 more weeks?

To see that man on the beach in a swimming suit. He is a hunk and I can't wait.