29 April 2012

Beach Waves

I love to try new hair styles, and since my hair is FINALLY long enough to have fun I was determined to perfect the messy beach wave style. 

I don't think I've perfected it, but the result is super fun & a great change. The best part? No heat needed (in the form of styling tools). All it takes is some mousse and crafty finger work. 

I kind of like it. Perhaps I need to go to a beach to test it out? Yes?

Thank you pinterest. You are my favorite. 

My Bedroom

I spent the entire day Saturday painting my bedroom. 
My bedroom. The one I've grown up in. 
The one Patrick & I used to hold Brittney Spears dance concerts for my parents in.
The one Duffy used to sleep in back in his early years.
The one I did countless art projects & crafts in.
The one with the walls I destroyed with pictures of my friends & ticket stubs.
The one with the awful green wallpaper & red carpet.
The one with the door I slammed in my angry teenager years. 
The one I learned to play my clarinet in.
My room. The room that I've spent the last 14 of my years growing up in.
It's an odd feeling. I'm so excited for my parents, for all that they've accomplished in their careers to provide them with the means to make this move. I'm excited to live in this new home for a few months before I venture off with my RM in the world of cheap apartments...I'm excited.
Yet, at the same time...I'm sad. My room is scattered between boxes to keep, garbage, & DI. 
The walls are nude and still smell like paint. 
It's just weird. Weird weird weird. 
It's not really my room anymore, and I will never have a room that chaotic & fun again. This new version is the room to sell the house. One of four bedrooms that are meant to entice a buyer. A buyer that will never know how much this room means to me & what an
amazing time I've had in this home. 
So I'm a little nostalgic, no big deal.

P.S. Please don't mind my hair for the next few days,
 lots of paint dripped in it & has yet to come out. 

26 April 2012

Happy Last Day of School

Here are two pictures from my last day of my first year of college. 

Nothing says "happy last day of finals" like a yummy smoothie for the road. 

This sign means that school is over & I love it.

Today was my LAST day of school! I took my last final at 11:00 am & by 12:30 Lina and I were
on the road back home giddy about the great things to come this summer.
SUMMER. just the thought makes me so ridicously happy.
On Monday I will officially be full time. 40 hours a week baby.

This summer I plan to read read read, take lots of pictures, train for TOU, work like none other, enjoy way too many snow cones, get sunburns, paint my toe nails, ace my summer math class (now there's a story), save money, go swimming, drive miles & miles with my windows down, move into a new house, buy a new bedroom set, go to bees games, try tofu, have lots & lots of fires, volunteer for the Romney campaign, go fishing, go hiking, vote in the June primaries, go to institute, paint, & get ready for the return of my missionary this fall. THIS FALL.

Summer is going to be fantastic. I have so much to look forward to in the coming months & I know that the busier I am, the faster Cameron's return will be. I can not wait :)

Cheers to summer!


"You will come to know that what appears to be a sacrifice
will prove instead to to be the greatest investment that you will ever make."

 President Gordon B. Hinkley    

24 April 2012

I'm Sure Thankful

One final left & summer right around the corner.
Another wonderful run this afternoon.
Perfect, 81 degrees. 
My windows rolled down & new Glee: Madonna CD.
New size 4 pants.
Glee marathon with my mom.
A sunburn from my run & mowing the lawn.
My gym membership.
My job & great friends at work.
My Iphone. 
Dolvet, a gift to women from the biggest loser.

...and it's only April. This is going to be a great year

23 April 2012

This Is Getting Out of Hand

I seem to have a small obsession with yellow sticky notes at work.
I use them for everything. Notes, passwords, & reminders. I feel like I may need an intervention...or at least a clean sweep.

21 April 2012

That (Awesome) Moment

When your camera just falls off your tripod. Right off. For no reason.

Then you pick it up & the lens is broken. Ya, I'm there. A piece of me just died.

Please oh please be able to fix it Cannon factory. Please. please. please.

I Enjoy Cat Pictures

& distractions from my flash cards.

It's a Great Day to Be a Republican

Delegates & guests at the Utah State GOP Convention

The hallways of the convention center were aligned with thousands of campaign signs
I finally got to meet Governor Herbert

Today was the Utah State Republican Convention. I wasn't a delegate, but had the amazing opportunity to be a volunteer. I woke up at 5am this morning & made it to the convention center by 6:20am (truly, a Saturday miracle). I checked in with the volunteer booth and snagged my purple t, then headed over to my volunteer duty. I helped run 2 of the county elections. I checked credentials & counted ballots. I met some great people and love love loved being apart of the election process.
The first election (at 7:30am) was for a representative seat. The incumbent won the election & gave a great speech. His opponent was very heartfelt and sweet, but was very stuck on illegal immigration for 90% of his six minute speech.
The second election was for a state senator seat. Both of these men gave great speeches & had passion. Unfortunately, there was not a 60% majority, so both of the candidates have to keep campaigning and have a primary election in June. 
After the two elections I was let loose & was able to wander around the convention. I was able to meet candidates and hear their opinions. And after much stalking, I was able to find Governor Herbert's booth. I listened to him answer questions for about ten minutes, then made my move. He was happy to take a picture with me and I thanked him for all he does. Then I got a Herbert candidate button. Score. 
 Next, (of course) I wandered over to the Romney booth. He wasn't there. Supposedly his son Josh was, but I never saw him. I got a nice Romney sign & plenty of stickers. Maybe I'll put them over Obama 2012 bumper stickers. Hmmm. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Mitt? Oh, I have...well, I just don't want you to forget.

The best part of the State Convention was my realization. Over the past month or so I have been absolutely consumed in stress about what I want to do with my life. I'm 19...but I am finished with my general courses & needed to for sure decide on a major so I could register for classes this fall. Political Science has been my priority since last August, but for some reason I started doubting myself. Can I really do this? Will I be able to find a job? What would I do with this major? 
I've been stressed, and truly, I still don't have the answers to these questions. What will I do with a Political Science (american government) Major? Obviously I won't be the president, but maybe I could be a mayor or run a campaign. Or maybe I could be like my dad who has his major accounting & is a database architect. Meaning, do something that has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Or maybe I could work at the Utah Capitol. 
There are so many possibilities and opportunities.
The thing I do know, is that I love America. I love our republic & I love the electoral process. I truly want to serve this nation and be a part in continuing to make it great and strong. 
After much consideration & praying, I went ahead and registered for three political science courses next fall. I don't know what I want to be, but I sure know what I want to be about. 

20 April 2012

Study Guides & Frozen Lemonade

Lina & I spend our Friday nights surrounded by flashcards and notes.
We are determined to ace our bio final. We will, just you watch, no matter how badly
 our professor want us to fail. 
B&B makes for a perfect studying habitat 
(habitat - environment in which organisms live. See, I'm going to ace this final). 

19 April 2012

Organization Done Right!

After my first final today I felt the need for a little "retail therapy." But I'm cheap. Really cheap.
So I went to the dollar store & wandered around looking for anything to buy.
I found these (blurry) beauties. Glass jars. 
A couple aisles over I found some twine & with that I had a craft to perfect.

I wrapped the twine around the glass jars then filled them with assorted bracelets & lip glosses. 
The earring frame was a spur of the moment "grab everything & throw it together" kind of project, but I love it. Organization, that's my new goal. Here's to a great start. 

17 April 2012

The Essentials:

Happy finals week, world.
I'll just be over here with my flash cards, peanuts, & hot chocolate.
Don't mind my pony tail and stress acne.

14 April 2012

Keep Calm & Never Let Go

On April 14, 1912 the "unsinkable" Titanic struck an iceberg and fell to the ocean floor.
Today (or technically, yesterday, as it is 12:34am) is the 100 year anniversary of that tragic sinking. 
Camie and I (& all of our other long lost friends) have a deep love for the Titanic. 
Maybe it's because of Leo or maybe it's because no matter how many times you see the movie you are sure to cry...or maybe it's the awkward hand print. Whatever, we love the movie. SO...today, on the 100 year anniversary of the sinking we saw Titanic in theaters.
and it was amazing.
We cried. and laughed. and then cried. 
I was hoping that just this once, Jack wouldn't die. (but he did)
and Celine...oh Celine.
The Titanic is a classic & it was such a great night.

Titanic in 3D means you get to wear these beauties.

Aren't we such "dishes?"

13 April 2012

My Professor is Cuter Than Yours

You know how everyone tells you that in college professors don't care about you? Supposedly they just give you work and don't even bother to learn your name...Ya, that's a lie.
This guy, right here, Professor Abdrisaev is one of the greatest teachers I've ever had. Not because he is super challenging or super easy, but rather, because he opens doors for his students. He dreams big and pushes his students to achieve those dreams.
He's my international relations professor who used to work at the Department of State. Ya, he's legit.
Yesterday in class he presented certificates to me, mara, and lina for our involvement with a conference he was in charge of. But he didn't just present us with the certificates, he wanted pictures, & then he emailed them to us. He is just such a cute & caring man. He is quite funny too...When the projector wasn't working the other day he suggested the KGB had something to do with it. And when a group of students is talking amongst themselves he says that we don't allow separatists. Maybe it's just poly sci humor, but I laugh so hard at these silly jokes. I really love this guy and have loved his class! 

And yes, I did just write a whole post about my professor. Deal with it. 

11 April 2012

T.F.T - April 11, 2012

{things from today}

I woke up late...you know how this goes. You roll over, check the time on your phone, freak out & continue to freak out until you clock in ten minutes late. Then you hang your head in shame as you walk quietly to your cubicle. Yes, this was me today. I hate the walk of shame.

I ate way too many saltines in the afternoon. I hate those darn saltines, they are so tempting. And once I have one...I have four. haha stupid crackers!

To pay for my saltine-binge I ran four miles and had an assortment of thoughts while doing so. Some of the best:
- "OW. freak I just cut open my ankle" (I tend to hit my ankle with my other foot as I run)
- "Why did Zombie Land just come on?! Oh, rule #1 is cardio? Well I'm good, I'm doing that now."
- "This movie is so dumb. I wonder if I can reach the remote from the other treadmill while I keep running."
- "Oh good, everyone left the gym, now in case I fall no one will know."
- "I wonder if that man thinks I run weird."
and so many others....
I REALLY need to find some way to distract myself while running. Yesterday I tried to go through my flash cards (and yes, it did look as silly as you'd imagine). It was not practical. I've tried watching tv shows on the Ipod and reading....I guess for me, rocking out to mayday parade is about the best distraction I can think of. If anyone else has a better suggestion, please feel free to...suggest!

I still haven't mailed cameron's easter package. I am such a sucky girlfriend. Maybe tomorrow...or maybe september. We'll see.

Happy rainy wednesday bloggies!

10 April 2012

P-Day is the Best Day

"Kayla, I'll never EVER EVER be too busy for you!!!! Don't think that!!!
And that my time is needed more somewhere else. I seriously wait and
wait for our emails and letters to each other :-) Like you don't even
know. No matter where life takes us babe, even here in Scranton PA
haha, you will be my first priority of time. You and our family will
ALWAYS come first. You mean more to me, are more special to me than
anything else!!! That will always be the case too. Trust me, I mean it
when I say I love you. Its not something I just throw around :-) Haha
my love for you in limitless, endless, boundless, its deepness know no
end. You are my sweetheart Kayla :-):-) Don't forget it"

"Love can't always be measured by how long you wait. It's about how well you under why you are waiting." 

08 April 2012

The Best Advertisement...Ever

While wasting time tonight, avoiding my homework I ended up on YouTube watching music videos...
See that in the side bar? And that on the video screen? Ads for Mormon.org
Pretty much the coolest thing ever. 
Another point for the Mormons.

Beans and Brews & Jenga

Biology may be the death of me. That or geology. Have I ever mentioned how ridiculous science classes are? Because they are. I think it has something to do with the crazy professors teaching said courses, but that's another post for another day...Anyways, in order to prepare for my looming Bio final my friend Lina and I have decided to study our heads off. The best place to study? Beans and Brews, hands down. Yummy hot chocolate, comfy seats, and perfect music to ace your final. I highly recommend staking out your local B&B.

After our study session we hung out with some of Lina's friends from work for a  game night. 6 men and Jenga may just be the greatest thing I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure the stress of our final Jenga game took five years off my life expectancy, but no worries, it was a blast.

College is pretty great.

03 April 2012

200 Days

200 days until cameron comes home. This is no joke. When he left, on October 20, 2010,
there was 730 days until his return and now I am down to 200.

That is:
29 weeks
4 transfers
1 last phone call
1 summer
1 last birthday (his, September 19)
and then I get to be with my (return) missionary.

I can not even begin to describe how stinking excited I am.

Something strange, however....As excited as I am to see him and be with him, I truly can not imagine him being back. I can't imagine him not being a missionary. I'm so used to getting letters twice a week and an email on monday and  calling it good. It will be such a complete change that I can not even begin to process that in 200 days it will actually happen. I guess I don't have to worry too much yet. After all, I still have 200 days. ha.

After today I will be in the 100's and then after that I will be counting down from 100.
This is not even real.

One last quote to wrap up this ramble:
"Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough."

Because Nothing Says "Easter" Like New Baseball Caps

I got cameron a Red Sox hat for his Easter package in celebration of opening day this week! 

I also got myself a matching Red Sox hat and wore it to school today.
 (and yes, I am taking a mirror/i-phone picture. I'm such a loser).

I come from a Giants family. The first night I ever spoke to Cameron he made fun of me for liking the Giants and I made fun of him for liking the Red Sox. We got in many "fights" over which team was better throughout our entire relationship...up until now. 
I guess it just goes to show, I like cameron more than I like the Giants.
 And I really like my new hat. 

02 April 2012

Stronger Every Day

Today I had the best work out I've had in forever.
I am sooo much stronger than I was back in december. I kicked butt and I am so happy about it!
Every day I am becoming better & it is a great feeling.

That is all. 

01 April 2012


‎55,410 full time LDS missionaries are currently serving. 

one of those is mine.