31 March 2012

Race Season Opening

My family (more so my mom & dad) love to run. They spend countless hours during the summer running  to train for races. Today my dad ran his first half marathon of the year, and like the good, supportive family we are, my mom & I chased his through the streets of Riverton to cheer him on.

Along the way, we took some photos...(of course).

we're kind of best friends. okay, more than kind of.

we LOVE riverton


Just running a half marathon. nbd.

Honey Buckets. Ulchs (I don't know the proper plural form of Ulch), Hills, and other Ragnar family...This is for you. 
Who doesn't love a honey bucket? 

b & w


Chilling in the car

So pretty. 

hello summer. I missed you.

scenic trail.

Let's Play a Game, Shall We...

Spot the Elder from this afternoon's conference sesh...

Anthony!! Such a quiet, nice boy.

Jared!! Of course he'd be at the back. 


David Archuleta!!  Such a cute boy :) I'm so excited he is serving a mission. He will be fantastic!

30 March 2012

Happy Hour

sneak attack picture on Ryan...too bad he saw it coming.
I work with this face 24 hours a week.

Janna and the birthday girl Lynda

Ann, Kristin, and Me.

Sometimes it's great just to get away from the office and craziness for an hour.
Today was Lynda's celebratory birthday lunch.
We went to the Texas Roadhouse and bonded over meat. What's better?
Ryan and Kenton threw peanuts at my head and Kristin hit on our under-age waiter.
It was a good lunch, so we took pictures to prove it.

Once again (for the thousandth time) I love my job and the great people I work with.
seriously :)

Because the Dixie Chicks Know What's Up

29 March 2012

Insta Strips!

I realize there isn't much organization to these, but these are some of my instagram pictures. I put them in strips and am going to print them out. You know those cute photo strips you get from photo booths? These are like those, only way cuter. Thank you insta!


Happy letter day! 

Two years ago I was completely infatuated with 
the senior boy named Cameron...
not much has changed.

28 March 2012

27 March 2012

We Go On Dates

Well okay...Patrick doesn't have a girlfriend. I have a boyfriend, but he's a missionary and can't take me on dates so I guess this works. We like to go on "dates" together, and have a great time together.

Today Patrick came home and said, "I have 100 bucks, wanna help me blow it?"
Really I just wanted to take a nap, but after some convincing we decided to see The Hunger Games (surprise).

We looked up show times and found one in twenty minutes. Armed with popcorn, water, and a pretzel we made it into the theater at the district just as the movie began. Seriously, right at the beginning. We fell into our seats and enjoyed the hunger games.

Patrick has never read the books or seen the movie, but he loved it. He cried when Rue died and couldn't stop drooling over Katniss...No worries, I enjoyed checking out Peeta and also cried at Rue's death (again)...so it's even. We were both disappointed with the cave scene, but enjoyed the game maker's beard. I think we are going to be throwing a Hunger Games themed Halloween party, just so we can dress cool-ly. All in all...we had a blast.

After the movie we chatted about the concept of the game and I gave away the next two books, just so patrick could be informed. We headed over to menchies for some yogurt. I filled my cup and patrick opted out, but still paid. When the cashier rung us up she asked if we needed an extra spoon to share my yogurt. Poor patrick, I thought the kid was going to die of embarrassments. "awkward" is all he could whisper. So what, people think we're boyfriend and girlfriend, but the truth is, we have a great time together. Always.

On the way home patrick ate his cookies (we found a cute shop next to menchies), I ate my yogurt, and together we sang our hearts out to mayday parade, occasionally interrupting to mention another thing we loved about the movie.

 And that folks, is how to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

26 March 2012


I'm pretty sure that cameron just learned this <3 is a heart. I have gotten more of these in my emails in the past two weeks that in the entire time I've known the boy, combined. He is such a silly man, and I love him terribly.

Oh, and today he became a zone leader. He's kind of a big deal and is such a great missionary. The people he is serving are so blessed. He told me today in his letter that he is so sad to leave Salisbury and the people there, but knows his new area is where the Lord needs him...and that this will probably be his last area so he wants to be his best. Leave it all on the field, as Hoonakker would say. I am so proud of my elder and know he is where he is supposed to be.

24 March 2012

Colors Fest - Before

We went to the colors fest today and parked five miles away... during our hike we took these.

Funny things from the festival:
Camie kept getting smacked with colors as we walked down the street, I blame her crocs.  
One girl smacked my neck with color...she didn't just throw it, she smacked me.
"I should have worn crocs" - ashlee
Awkwardly getting yogurt in orem all covered in chalk.
Two words: culture shock. 

After pictures to come.

22 March 2012


Proof. They do come home.

I love this family so much and look up to them in so many ways. And yes, this video did make me cry.

I'm so excited, I'm dying. I can't wait to pick up where we left off. 

21 March 2012

That Awkward Moment...

when you realize you've become your mom.

I was thinking this afternoon about my mom & it occurred to me that we have a lot in 
common these days.

we love to spend our Friday nights watching the food networking and eating popcorn.
we consider slim fast and fat-free hot chocolate a major food group.
we work at SOS Staffing and call each other "turkey" over IM.
we like gieco commercials and the biggest loser. 
we are super competitive and share clothes (finally!)
we obsess over weighing and eating right because we've both been fat.
we are each other's biggest cheerleader (besides my dad) and love to go to primary together.
we believe in God's plan and know that when all else fails, you have your family. 

She is my best friend and is the best person I could become. 
She has supported me through all the ups and downs of the past weeks and year & I know will continue to support me in all that I do.
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful example and friend.

18 March 2012

Lucky Number Seven

Seven months left.
I am so absolutely ready to have my boyfriend back and start the next chapter of our lives. 
We have made it so far and I have faith that everything will happen as it's supposed to. 
I am in love and yes, he is real. 
Each day is one less and I am absolutely dying to be with him. Truly. 


I may need a yogurt machine and a granola dispenser, I'm addicted.

13 March 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Vegas for Spring Break? It may seem a little cliche, but it was such an adventure. It was the first "vacation" i've ever taken with out my parents and I sure learned a lot...

Here are some things I learned in Vegas:

- If you harass a truck driver long enough, he'll honk his truck horn for you
- If you hold your cafe rio cup out the window while driving 80 mph, it will fly away
- Driving a mini van is way harder than it looks
- 21 is a HUGE birthday if you're not LDS and from Utah
- Walking up and down the strip trying to find things can make you cranky...and make your feet hurt
- The elevators in the Luxor go sideways. (we rode it up and down twice just to be sure).
- The New York New York roller coaster is hard on your body. My parents weren't lying.
- People will do anything for a tip. Be a human statue on the strip, serenade you in front of ceaser's palace, or even rap as you walk by. Anything.
- Colby is a pro winker and is a trooper for putting up with five girls by himself. He is also a great poly husband and secret lesbian named Chloe. Like I said, he was a trooper.
- Erica is the funniest person ever. Really. There is nothing more to add, she is awesome.
- April is korean and has a sassy butt walk.
- Anita's feet and hands swell and she is husband's favorite.
- Ashlee is the best and will hug me when I'm crying and sad even on vacation.
- Home is great to go back to.

Vegas was the perfect little get away. I had a blast with some great people and had some great experiences. Thank you everyone for all the fun!!! Happy Spring Break

09 March 2012

Happy Birthday MK!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and mom!
I love you so much and I am so blessed to have an amazing friend in you.
Happy Birthday G. 

07 March 2012


What I wouldn't give for a good long smooch right now. Anyone, anyone? This sucks.

05 March 2012

The Math

Me - 30 LBS = a much happier runner.

I can only imagine what I'll run like when I reach my UGW.
Life is great.

SEVEN more fast sundays!

Happy P-Day! Who would have thought I'd love mondays so much? Not me...but I seriously look forward to them everyweek these days. (I can't wait until I can hate mondays like a normal person again).
Why do I love them so much? Oh, because I get emails like this:

Hello Ms. Kayla :-)
Haha I'm doing well! Just barely had an interesting encounter with a drunk man in the library, but that's what you get for public computers. He came in and stood right beside me and just yelled profanities and nothing in particular. Kinda scary haha. He was drunk as a skunk, smelt so bad. The staff chased him out, but man my heart sure raced for a minute haha. Trying to be a good little missionary here :-) haha.
But besides that excitement, all is well for sure!! :-) Im writing my sweetheart :-) How could I not be doing well?? :-) I love you cutie! And im happy to hear you are doing well!! :-) Haha and believe it or not its snowing here right now. I am looking out the window at it. I don't get it. Its hot in December and snowy in March. It wont stick too much. Geez it sounds like you got a lot of it!! Did you build a snow man? You could have put my name tag on him haha :-) Please be safe out there ok? I know you will do fine, but other people are nuts. Just stay safe till I come home to you ok? :-) Even then you aren't allowed to get hurt haha :-)
Skiing! Hmmmm I think I could learn that :-) To be 100% honest i've always kinda wanted to, but nobody in my family does and so it just never happened. Chris tried snowboarding once, I wasn't much of a skateboarder so I dont think i'd like snowboarding. Long boarding is fun though :-) Haha so yes i'll let you teach me. I agree it would be fun with you :-) Id rather be with you than jeff anyways, (dont tell him I said that haha) I love you :-) So there. I cant wait to do so many things with you babe!! Its coming soon too! :-) I think about you and how our life is going to be, and I cant help but get all excited and smile constantly :-):-) I know its going to be AMAZING!! :-) And ps your pics from the trip are cute!! :-) You are so pretty Kayla!!! Mmmm. I am one very lucky man :-)
And you can be as excited as you want!! (it makes me feel good that you are as excited as i am! :-)) I cant believe how fast time is going these days! SEVEN more fast sundays!! Haha it sounds so weird to me, like I cant believe that's where its at! You aren't silly at all, I cant wait to spend my life with you again either Kayla :-) believe me!! I sure love you too sweetie :-) With all my heart. I'll be home before ya know it! In fact it wont be long before my mom gets my flight itinerary! They send it out early so people can arrange schedules and so cute girlfriends can get nostalgic :-) haha. I don't mind your sweetness at all hun. To me that's what it is :-)
Aww little primary kids. I knew you'd love that calling! :-) Its amazing how smart they are right? We have this little girl here in our ward that learns a scripture almost weekly. Its awesome! I cant wait until our kids are the ones up on the stage in their program, or the ones being baptized :-) Or when i get to bless them :-) So much fun awaits in the future :-) So much still yet to experience. I know we will have the gospel centered home we never had as kids. Exactly like you described :-) Family prayer and scripture study and temple trips. Coming from our background to have our kids prepare to go on missions and marry in the temple, what greater blessing is there?? :-)
Have an amazing week ok? And i'll do the same :-) I love you Kayla. Be safe and soon our tomorrows will be today :-) But no matter what, as long as I have you EVERYDAY will be a good day :-)

Love you more, your cam, your missionary, Elder Cameron Trujillo :-)

Who wouldn't love getting an email like that everyweek? This boy is a keeper. He makes me laugh, smile, and look forward to our future. He is such a great missionary and I am so proud of him. I love my elder. (But we are getting REALLY excited for the fall...)

04 March 2012

Ski Day

On my way to work on Friday...slipping and sliding through the un-plowed streets, including redwood, I couldn't help but wish I was headed up to the ski resorts. In fact, it's all I could think about most of Friday so on Saturday my Dad and I went up to Brighton and spent a wonderful day on the slopes.

It was windy and cold, but absolutely wonderful. We raced down the mountains and stayed until close. We joked with one another on the ski lifts and really had a blast together. We laughed as we watched little kids fall down the same hill that I had learned to ski on when I was a just tiny kid.

I had so much fun with my dad and am so grateful he was willing to drop everything Saturday morning to head up with me. I have such a great dad and a wonderful family and we had such a great time!

I guess there are some perks to living in boring old Utah :)  

01 March 2012

Sweet 16

okay okay...sweet sixteen was actually about 2 weeks ago. But I have been so busy with midterms I put off this post until now. But hey, that means two more weeks until the next mile stone. I
 can live with that.

Cameron has been gone for....SIXTEEN MONTHS! holy wow. 16.
and that means only 8 months left. (this sunday will be 7 more fast sundays)

February was a toughy, but it's over and march awaits. And each month is one less until october, and I can't wait. (but I will )