30 January 2012

Our First Date

Today is the two year anniversary of our first date. So, in honor...I thought I'd share the story of our first date and a little about how we came to be. It's going to be awkward and long.
You have been warned.

Cam and I never really "met" until our first date. But that's a whole other story for another day.

Cameron picked me up for our date and opened my door. We rode in his jeep to the blue light church, where we met up with mitch and megan to follow them to (stupid) hollywood connections. I laughed when cam told us where we were going, but he blamed mitch and apologized. We talked nervously on the way. In his jeep, I could smell his cologne and was so nervous. We got to HC and headed inside. There I met megan and chatted with mitch. We decided to play mini golf. I was so nervous. Cam was an awful mini golfer (and still is) but he made for some good laughs. Miraculously, on the last shot, he made a hole and one...and still will not let me forget it. We decided to ride some of the kiddie rides and ended up squished together on "the dragon coaster." again...I was so nervous. We made fun of the punk kids and the strange workers, including a man that shouted "yee haw" each time he started the ride. We devolped inside jokes. After enough playing we decided to grab some ice cream. In line, cameron turned to me and asked "what flavor is Lemon-sort of?" I laughed...you mean lemon sorbet? (I still won't let him live that one down) We laughed and cam spilled ice cream on his blue striped sweater, which made us laugh more. After we had had enough HC we headed to megan's house for a movie...and here's where it gets awkward. There were two couches in her basement and a love sac bean bag. Megan wanted to show me her room and when I got back to the basement cam was sitting on a couch, but mitch decided to be funny and sit next to cam to cuddle. I stood there awkwardly then sat on the love sac. Megan sat on the other couch and called mitch over. So there we were...mitch & megan on a couch. Cameron on a couch. and me on the love sac. haha and we stayed that way for half the movie...so awkward. Cameron eventually mustered up the courage to sit next to me in the love sac and ease the awkwardness...but it was bad. Haha. Around 11:30 or so cam and I left and he took me home. It was snowing and so perfect. He walked me to my doorstep and hugged me like a perfect gentle man. and then he left.

Our first date was so awkward and yet, when we look back on it we can't help but laugh. We were awkward and nervous but some how we both over came that awkwardness and fell in love. Perhaps it wasn't the most romantic date or story, but it is ours and it was just perfect. I love that boy.

Lovin this healthy thing

We made a healthy version of pf chang's lettuce wraps. They were beyond awesome :) Thank you pintrest!

29 January 2012

Those Pants

Those pants that I bought a year ago after I had lost a bunch of weight...The ones that I wore all the time because I liked the way my butt looked in them. The ones that started tragically shrinking. The ones that didn't fit after graduation and through the summer...and through the fall. Those pants.

I wore them yesterday. And friday. and let's be honest, i'll be wearing them throughout this week. I like this whole "losing weight" thing.

I love love...

Aren't they just so perfect?

Foot pop. Classic.

Nothing like an over the table kiss

So perfect

I spent my saturday taking pictures of these two darling couples. More to come...What do you think?

24 January 2012

That Moment...

That moment when your promise ring falls off your finger. That moment of shear panic.

It won't stay on my finger these days
...guess I'm going the thumb route. 

22 January 2012

Called to Serve...

In the primary!

I am so excited. Best calling ever? Yes.

20 January 2012

The Best Pizza Story Ever

Today is month 15. It absolutely blows my mind. 15 months ago I said goodbye to my best friend. I never ever thought I would get to this day, and yet, here I am.

Cam & I do some cute things to celebrate each month mark. We have a chain that we made the week before he left. Each month, on the 20th, I pull the link down. Inside there is a little message that he wrote me. This month's: "kayla, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me." (have I ever mentioned I love this boy?) Anyways...then I write a little message for him and send the link to him...SO my chain gets smaller and his gets bigger as time goes on. It's cute and really fun.

This month I wanted to try out an idea I had a couple of months ago. I wanted to order cam and his companion a pizza for dinner. Sounds simple enough, right? So not though... I first had to figure out when they ate dinner so I could figure out when to order the thing. I asked him on chirstmas when we talked. He was curious, but dropped it. Then I had to figure out what kind of pizza places they had in MD...pizza hut seemed safe, and they are having a sale, so I went with them.

Janna and Kristin coached me on ordering a pizza and proper tipping manners. Then I went for it. I called the local pizza hut and ordered my pizza. I told the man on the phone that even if no one answered the door, he needed to leave the pizza. I paid him and asked him to put a note with the pizza that said "from kayla." He said that was no problem, and hung up.

15 minutes later the delivery man called me telling me that SOMEONE had to sign the receipt when he dropped off the pizza. "Well they might not be at their apt. so...you just sign it." He said he couldn't. "Well just get a neighbor to sign it." He said that wouldn't work either. I got really frustrated...The delivery man said he'd just go and see if they were home.

Again...15 minutes later I got a call from the delivery man.
Pizza Man - "Two guys answered the door, but they don't know who the pizza is from so they said 'no'''
Me - "Did they have white shirts and ties on?"
PM - "Yes."
Me - "Then knock on the door again and tell them the pizza is from Kayla Stober."
PM - "Okay..." then I waited on the phone, heart pounding. "Okay they said they know a Kayla Stober." (duh)
Me - "Okay, have them sign the receipt and add a tip."
PM - "Mam, they're confused...You tell them."
Me - "I can't!" Phone hangs up. I basically panicked. I called the poor delivery man back.
Me - "Did it work? Did they take the pizza?"
PM - "Yes, they signed it, added a tip, and took the pizza....Oh and the brown one said he loves you."

I just about died. I love that boy.

19 January 2012

I Said I Wouldn't Do It...

But I did...

My college plan was focused only on academics. Get a scholarship. Go to class. Do my homework. I wanted only to get done as quickly as possible....But if you know me, you probably can guess this has been incredibly hard.

Here's some back ground...

I started in elementary. I was on the student council in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. I started a newspaper (that was really a flyer). I designed the school t-shirt (that one that said Oquirrh Rocks, the ugly green one? That was me). I was a captain of the student softball team that played against the 6th grade teachers. I loved elementary.

Then I moved to middle school. I didn't know how I'd ever make an impact on a school that was so big. My first day was so scary. I felt so little and lost in the halls. By the time I was a nineth grader I was involved with NJHS and held a posistion. I was able to plan meetings, plan activities, and be in charge of (small) things. I was on the high school soccer team. I was friends with countless teachers and had some great friends.

Then I moved to high school...and again I didn't know how I'd ever make an impact. The school was even BIGGER and scared the heck out of me. By the time I was a senior, however, I had made my impact. I was involved with countless clubs and groups. I was a class officer, a newspaper editor, a (true) debator, an NHS member, a junior delegate in the Utah Senate, varisty tennis captain, and more. High school was a great time and after three years, I left my mark and made my name known.

So here I am, at a new even bigger school. My plan was to just attend class and float by. That plan has since changed. I can't NOT be involved. I can't not meet new people and be friends with professors and realize great opportunities. That's just not me. I am happiest when I am busy and improving myself. Yes college is about academics, but for me, it has never just been about academics. This last semester was good, but I want my college expirience to be great. I want to leave my mark in some small way. Today I made the first step. I joined a political club (big surprise) I also have been gathering information about programs and opportunities throughout the school for students to be politcally active. Sign me up.

Oh...and I joined Romeny's campaign.

Here's to a new semester! Here here.

18 January 2012

I love Lucy

Halloween is still 9 months away....but this halloween Cameron will be home. A red head and a latino...naturally I'm thinking Ricky and Lucy for costumes. Haha that poor boy, he doesn't even know what he's in for :)

But either way, halloween will be grand. 

Count Em...

nine hearts, nine months left.

hello single digits!!! I have been waiting 15 months to meet you.

16 January 2012

Kitchen Loser

  I'm working on losing a lot of weight...My mom and I have been finding healthy recipes and have been having lots of fun in the kitchen. Tonight we made Chicken Paremsan with whole grain noodles. It was excellent! Eat right, eat little, and work out like none other. It's working and I can't wait to reach my goal.

14 January 2012

We Used to Talk on the Phone

We used to talk on the phone.
 Now we just skype.
Technology is so great.

10 January 2012

Please Help Me With My Homework

My professor presented a very interesting idea today.

Please help me with my homework.

The more the merrier.



In a comment below, please name both of these men.
comment honestly...Don't be influenced by others.

Things From Today: January 10, TWO THOUSAND TWELVE!

I absolutely love that it is 2012. I don't feel like this needs any explanation, but I've been waiting fourteen months to say "he comes home THIS year." And he does.

But that's all off topic.

Today was my first day of school for the spring semester. AND it was great! Really great actually.

Perhaps one of the best things about my new schedule is that I start class at 8:30 and finish by 2:15...Which means I'm home by 3, instead of 8:30 like last semester! It's so nice to still have the afternoon to do homework or be lazy (more often the latter). It feels like a normal school day again and I love it. As great as it was to start class at 11:30, it just was not practical for me or my schedule. Guess it takes a semester to learn the tricks.

My classes are really great as well. I have extra credit opportunities in all but one and (seemingly) great professors. My international relations political science class is full of poly sci majors and true debaters. My kind of people. It is going to be a great class. My professor is from some Asian country (I couldn't understand where he said he was from...but I got that he was Asian. Hopefully I'll be able to understand him better soon!) and worked for the US government in D.C. He's legit. I am so excited. Surprisingly, the other class I am stoked about is Ethics and Values...a required philosophy class. How did I know it would be a great class? Before we started my professor turned on Fox news. (Secretly informing us that he is a conservative. A nice change in an overly liberal college atmosphere.) Then we learned that we would be required to watch 1 1/2 hours of commentary each week. (Hello meet the press and Bill O'Reily) Then he made fun of the ridiculous occupy wall street movement and participants. He is my kind of guy. I can't wait for class discussions and our projects. I am so excited for his class.

Call me a nerd...but school was great today and I have a great feeling that this will be a fantastic semester.

07 January 2012

Good Morning

Nothing says good morning like an hour and fifteen minutes of P90X.
I may die from being so sore, but that means it's working.

And I love it.

06 January 2012

Friday Night...MG Style

Friday night...date night. No worries here though. I had one of the best friday nights I've had...in a while.

I spent my night transforming these....

into THESE!! You know what would be cool? If I had a little apt. to put all this cute stuff I make.
Soon :) 

I also spent the night in a blanket, with my healthy version of fried rice and these guys

I am totally addicted. Hot texas football players and high school drama. Who wouldn't love it?
Five episodes in one night? No biggie. I'm thinking it's time for round six.

And just so you all don't think I'm a complete loser...In that package from cam yesterday (the one that had the SD card) I also got my pillow case back with some cutesy stuff from my mish. After receiving his "52 reasons I love you" gift he felt he had to out do me.

yes...he wrote 53 reasons he loves me on this pillow case. And other cute stuff. I cried when I read them, no worries. I am not a complete loser, that boy, across the country, loves me more than I even know. I am so blessed. 

Happy friday ya'll.

05 January 2012

The Best Idea I Ever Had

I don't know why it took me fourteen months. Honestly. But I guess that's the thing about waiting...I've never done it before and I've never known anyone well enough who's done it to get their secrets. But I'm begining to get creative. For Christmas, I sent Cam a little video camera with seven videos of me in my day to day life. Originally I thought we could just send the camera back and forth. Then I got really smart and bought him an SD card so he could send me videos and I could just watch them on my laptop. Today I got that SD in the mail. BEST. DAY. EVER. Truly, it is one of the best days I've had since he left. TWO videos and a handful of pictures. I haven't seen that boy talk in fourteen months...today I saw him talking to me and telling me he loves me. It's not something anyone can appriciate except me...and that's okay. I love him. We are so close to being together again and it is on days like this that I truly understand why we have to be apart and how blessed we are. I love my cam man...

Here is a taste of what I got today :)

Everybody loves Cam. Really, they do.

Ugly ties anyone?


He's such a stud

That ugly sweater won't die

OH and P.S. I've lost 6 pounds. Holla! I've still got so much to go, but i'll take that. Swimsuit season...I'll be ready :)

04 January 2012

If Only In My Dreams

It was nice to see you last night. It's been a while. I love being able to spend time with you, if only for a few hours and although I can only remember bits and pieces. It is nice. I got excited last night when we were buying funiture for our newly wed apt. It's okay that we were poor (and will be), it was still so fun to have you by my side again. I made it a resolution to sleep more. Secretly, part of it is so you can visit me more often. The longer I sleep, the longer you stay. You held my hand last night and we bought a bed. I can't wait to wake up each morning next to my best friend. Instead, I woke up today sad it was over and longing to go back to you. Is it bad that sometimes I enjoy my dreams more than real life? I can't wait until that trend is reversed. I love you cam. I'm going to bed now, I'll see you soon.

01 January 2012

Change #1

Yes...I dyed my hair. It's dark brown and rather dramatic. It was on a whim and I like it.
I am aware that some do not enjoy this look as much as I do. That's too bad. It's my hair, get over it and keep your comments to yourself. I never tell you when I don't like your hair, so let's be even. 
It's a new year and I needed a change. There will be more to follow I promise. But here's change #1.

And here's to a new year full of change. 


go ahead and judge me all you want.
this is something I have to do.
for me.
next time I am on a beach...I will be wearing a little number similar to this.

as for now...I will be sweating, dieting, and drinking more water than I should.

this is going to happen.