19 January 2013

Remember? (this is a little scattered)

Remember how my missionary, now fiance, was gone for two years?
I can't even remember what that was like anymore.
It seems so natural for him to be home that I've almost forgotten he was ever even gone (almost).
I am so grateful that we were able to pick up right where we left off.
I am so blessed to be engaged to this amazing man who left me for two years.
I am so proud of all that he is and all he does to provide for our little family.
I am so happy. Words can not express the happiness surrounding our life together.
How is it possible for one person to be so happy and so lucky?
102 days until I am sealed my handsome man for all eternity. I can not wait.

14 January 2013

Photo Re-Cap

Friday night Old Men's basketball. Shand and I went and watched our men play on Friday...And by watched, I mean we both sat there and talked. Our boys are pretty much best friends, and we are too. It's a win-win situation. They were by far the cutest men out there and we so much fun to watch. And cameron's calves...mmmm. I am one lucky girl. 

Cameron and his skinny tie/suit. I love Sundays. 

New hairrrrrs. 

Just some Sunday lovin'

Road trip to Layton with the parents. Wedding Saturdays are stressful, but they will be worth it. 

Abby did a fashion show for me and chels on Saturday. The fashion show was her stuffed cat in different outfits. She is such a creative little girl. I adore her. 

Silly kids

Joined the world of Snap Chat. (about three months late). Sometimes Ryan sends me facial pictures and I sneak them on my phone. 

06 January 2013


I bought a wedding dress yesterday. It is nothing like I thought I'd buy, but it is absolutely perfect. 
There is so much happiness ahead.