29 July 2012

12 weeks

That's right folks, three more months.

Today's reason I am waiting twelve more weeks is simple. He calls me Love.

That's my favorite nickname ever.

Yes, he's a keeper.

An Update

I have my math 1050 final this thursday. After that class, I will never ever ever have to take algebra  again. ever. Well, if I pass my final that is.

Working on the Romney campaign is completely amazing. We have some big events to come and less than 100 days until the election. It's going to be a stressful week and things will only get more stressful until november. But it is such a rewarding experience. I am so blessed.

Because of my internship I can't tweet, fb, or even blog any thing politically. No more political rants or posts...at least until november 7th.

Cameron will be home in 85 days.

I bought a new bed this weekend. It's a queen bed and I can't wait to sleep in it. Sadly, it'll be lonely for a few more months. Next spring things will be better.

We move out on wednesday. Three days. I am beyond excited.

The olympics are on. I've been camped out on my couch for the last few hours. It's fantastic.

School starts soon. Mixed emotions for sure.

I think that's all.

24 July 2012

A Fantastic Thought

sometimes people tell me: "You're walking up that early to run that far? That sucks..."

or something to that effect. 

to them I say, "Running a 10k does not suck. Not being able to run a 10k sucks."

22 July 2012

13 Weeks

Our first date.

Cameron & I were rather unconventional from the beginning. I liked his best friend Mitch. I had a class with Mitch and would talk to him all class. I got to know him really well. He told me about his life and about the lives of his friends, including his best friend, Cameron. 

I knew of Cameron, after all he was friends and with my best friend and was even in her ward. 

One day, I asked Mitch about Cameron, and he asked me if Cam was cute.
That same night cameron texted me.

We texted and texted and texted (is that even the proper way to say that? who knows.)

But of course, since we only knew one another through text messages and stories courtesy of Mitchell, we never talked at school. We'd look at one another in the hall and look away.
Awkward, is the only way to describe it. 

Then he asked me on a date. A double date with Mitch. 
He picked me up and met my parents.
He opened my door and smelled divine.
We rode in his red jeep and talked like we were the best of friends. 
We went mini golfing and had ice cream.
I was nervous and he was so handsome.

I think it's fair to say that I had the hots for Cameron after he started texting me...but I really fell for him that night. Cameron was a perfect gentle man and made me feel so very special. 
He walked me to my door and it snowed. 
He gave me the best hug and left me thinking about him for the rest of the night until he finally
texted me again.

Perhaps it's not the most romantic of stories, but I love it. I love that we were set up and had so much in common from day one. He easily became my best friend and will forever be. Now here we are, just weeks until we can be together again and make new memories and I
could not be happier. 

Worth a Thousand Words (Iphone Version)

Here are some pictures from my iphone from over the past few weeks...

Practicing my grillin' skills for when my handsome missionary is home and hungry

The annual SOS Bees Game 

Creeped off of FB. What a handsome man. 

Cutest little guy ever! Future Missionary :) 

Dark hair!

I walked out to the parking lot the other day and snapped this. Janna's is the dark blue, Ann's is the light blue, and mine is the red. Even our cars spend the day together!

BEST. PICTURE. EVER. I was in Provo with Ann doing some onsite stuff for work and Kristin sent me this little beaut. Yes, she really did wear two non-matching sandals to work. Poor girl. 

15 July 2012

14 Weeks

14 weeks...and, as of today, I officially have 100 days left.

100 people. Didn't I just post about how I only had 200 left? Ya, I did...but that was in April.
Time is seriously flying & I am so grateful.
In about a month I will be back at school and have just weeks until my Cameron is back. 
Needless to say, he is all I can think about at this point.

Here is this week's reason I am waiting 14 more weeks for this boy:

Cameron smells amazing. Since the night he picked me up for our first date in his jeep I have been obsessed with his smell. 
 His cologne and his natural scent mixed together are to die for. I promise.
I used to make him spray his cologne before we left anywhere.
The best? His car would fill up with his smell anytime we road together. It was heaven.
After I found out what his cologne was called I used to drag ashlee to Dillards just to get samples of his scent. Yes, creepy.
Before he left he went out and bought me my very only bottle of the stuff and I've been spraying it on my sweaters and scarves everyday since. I can't wait to bury my head in his chest again and be surrounded by his smell. 

It's truly funny how something so silly as a scent can bring back so many memories. But it's true. Cameron's scent brings back so many great memories and so many promises of things to come.
I love that boy.

14 July 2012

Elder Cameron

Cameron babes, I am so very excited for you to come home.
I can't wait to hold my sign and see you come down the escalator.
I can wait for you to be released and for our first hug.
You are such an amazing missionary and I am so very proud to call you mine.
101 days cam. I am (still) waiting patiently. 

 I can't wait for all that we've waited for.

love always, me. 

There's a Mayday Parade Song for That

I will always love mayday parade. Always.
Today was a gloomy summer day. Perfect for endless mayday songs.

No matter your mood there is a mayday parade song, I promise.

For your first love:

For the one you hate:

For the one you dream about:

For the sad times:

and to remember the good times:

12 July 2012


I went into my boss' cuby today and cried. She cried too.
It's been that kind of a week.

I truly am so grateful for the amazing people I work with and under. 

They are my greatest friends and I love them dearly.

08 July 2012

15 Weeks

104 weeks is two years. two years is a full time mission. 
my elder has just 15 weeks left.  
to perhaps make these last weeks pass that much faster I am doing a countdown (surprise).
i have a million of these "countdowns," i.e. 107 days, 3 more links on the chain, 15 letters, ect.
whatever will make the time pass more quickly.

for this countdown, each sunday i will post a reason i am waiting 15 more weeks. 
a reason i fell in love, a reason i am in love, a reason for marriage, a memory, whatever. 
just a reason that my elder is worth this wait.

Reason number ONE i am waiting 15 more weeks for this boy:

he's a crier. 
the weekend before school started (senior year to be exact) we spent every moment together.
we both unspokenly knew that the onset of school meant the onset of big changes that would affect us for the next two years. basically, we knew that me starting school again meant that he would be
 leaving soon.
but that last night before school he spent the day at my house with my family. when it was time for him to leave i walked him out to his jeep. he embraced me and we both just cried. 
we cried because things were beginning to change.

the changes came quickly after that. one night, as we were packing up his room i looked at him and started crying. then i told him of my worst fear:
"what if i forget? what if i forget what it feels like to be with you? what if i forget why i'm doing this?"
he cried too. obviously we shared that fear. we spent the rest of the night crying in his room, together.

he's cried with me many a times. and although i don't enjoy his sadness, i enjoy the
comfort of sharing tears. he has never been afraid to cry with me or hold me as i cried. 
that is, perhaps, one of the things i miss most about him. i have been crying since the day he left, and have missed his comforting arms and whispers. although the main reason for my tears will be obsolete when he returns, it will be so sweet to know i can be comforted by him in my sadness. 

01 July 2012

A Little Place Called Mona

This weekend my cute friends and I made a little road trip to a southern town known as mona. It's the kind of a town where if you blink, you might miss it. We were in search of a pond we had seen on an engagement video that had a rope swing.

Yes, a rope swing. like the one in that fantastic movie, the notebook.
So we were adventurous, drove down, asked a mona native for directions, and made our way to the ponds.

We spent the afternoon jumping off rope into a pond. it was completely scary and gross, and yet, absolutely awesome.

The most important thing to know when jumping into a pond is to keep your mouth closed. Unless, of course, you like to swallow mysterious pond water.

We made little friends around the pond and laughed at the pack of hipsters that threw their toms on our pile of towels in order to make room for their bbq and guitar.

We also enjoy our stylish pond hair and the unlimited jokes that come from watching people jump into a pond. Oh, and creature jokes. Those never ever will get old.

It was a fantastic day with some great people. I love those girls. We ended our road trip blasting some summer classics with the windows down on the freeway. yes, mysterious black car, we were singing to you.

We spent the night together, along with miss aubree. Here are some keywords from our night's adventures.
Fire pitt, jamba, late night walmart, wolf shirt, bratty horse, melted spoon, rides in camie's truck, sliding into the window in camie's truck, chats in the living room, and mooning ashlee and aubree.

The inside of my thighs are completely bruised and I am beyond sore. But truly, it was so so worth it.

Great people. Great day. Mona, you are our new favorite place. We will see you soon.