29 December 2012

I Owe You a Story

Blogging was so much easier when Cameron was gone. Maybe that's because I had nothing to do, so I had time to blog. The sad thing is, now my life really is blog-worthy and I have no time. What a cruel fate.

Here is a blog worthy story, and since Cameron is at work and it's saturday, I actually have time to blog. 
We got engaged last week. Just before my birthday. He was 3 days shy of being home two months. He absolutely surprised me. I went into work on Thursday morning, tired and grumpy, to find a big box on my desk. It had a bow and said "open me now." 
With it being so close to my birthday, I figured it was a birthday present from my friend Kristin and began to open it. Inside the box was another box, and another, and another. Finally I got to the bottom, there was a wrapped present. I unwrapped the present to find a little white picture book. 
The book was full of pictures of us from high school up until now...It was adorable. 
On the very last page was a picture of the temple and Cameron's proposal.
After I finished reading I figured out what was going on and turned back to the boxes to find a ring, then cameron came walking in and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I said yes. 

I was completely in shock and shaking...He completely surprised me. I was SO sure we were getting engaged on my birthday - or christmas. Not at 8 o'clock on a Thursday morning at work. He did it, he surprised me and I am so impressed. My co-workers ran in and hugged me, then my boss told me to leave. Cameron and I went back to his house to have breakfast. It was such a sweet morning and such a great surprise. That night he took me to dinner at Bucca di Pepo (that's spelled so wrong - but you get the point) and we celebrated our first night as an engaged couple. 

It's still weird to call him my fiance, but I like it. We set the temple date back before we went to Hawaii but after we were ring-official Cameron called and requested my temple information.
We are so so so very excited. 

May 1, 2013 at the Salt Lake Temple.
I could not be happier.

26 December 2012

20th birthday date

I turned 20 on Saturday. It was a great day and I was completely spoiled. Cameron came over super early in the morning to have breakfast with me and let me open my presents. Then he went to work and I spent the day with my lovely mother and chels.
As soon as Cameron got home I raced to his house and we drove downtown to go ice skating.

Do You Hear the People Sing?

you should go see this. really though. 

17 December 2012

We Go on Dates

Enjoying his first Cafe Rio burrito in two years

SOS Employment Group 2012 Christmas Party
Temple Square

Senior Class Officer Love

Newly elected Senior Class Officers - May 2010

Sister Ward's Farewell - December 2012

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend Sister Danielle Ward's missionary farewell. She was called to the Billings, Montana mission and will be a superb (danYell lingo) missionary.
Danielle is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. Truly, words can not describe this girl. She is so loving and kind to everyone. EVERYONE. That is not an understatement. DanYell can and does make anyone and everyone she knows feel like a million bucks.
I had the opportunity to serve as a Senior Class Officer with her my last year of highschool.
The four of us (class officers) became extremely close, and I love each of these girls dearly.
I am so proud of all that they are and all that they are becoming. Somehow I know that the four of us will always remain in contact and be able to pick up right where we left off.

Sister Ward is off to serve the Lord and I could not be more proud of her! See you in 18, Danielle.

09 December 2012

Sunday Happiness

My sweet boy is asleep next to me. He is the most gentle sleeper. I love Sunday nap time.

06 December 2012

A Detail of Someone You Love

A few weeks ago I was assigned in my photography class to take a picture of a detail of someone I love.
That smile. Absolute perfection. 

Egelund Family Pictures

The Sunday before Cameron got back I took Kristin's family pictures (yes, this post is long over due). 
We drove up to one of my favorite little places and had a ball. 
Here are a few of my favorites:

I seriously had the best time. 
I love this little family. 

04 December 2012

The Time We Went to Maui

Over Thanksgiving my family was blessed with the opportunity to go to Maui with our extended family. And...this year I was lucky enough to have my sweet boy with me. 
I am so grateful to Kim & Keith and for all their love. It was the best week ever.
We spent the week running around the beach, eating way too much food, and spending much needed time with my amazing family. 
I am so grateful to have Cameron back and to have had the opportunity to vacation with him. 
He passed every test with flying colors (as if there was any doubt).
He even played soccer with the Kuballs - and held his own. Yes, I can now marry him. 
That was the final test.

Just before Thanksgiving dinner
Playing a game of pool with the most handsome man I know

Just a peak at what I got to enjoy all week ;)