30 June 2011

A Random Day

Yesterday was a great  summer day, but man , was it random!  I went to work as usual and it started HAILING just shortly after I had gotten there. Man...it was unexpected, welcome to utah weather I guess. Then after work I went home and my mom and I made chicken fried rice for dinner. Shandy came over and had dinner with me and then we went to institute with ashlee and amber. Oh man..Institute is great! It is seriously an exprience. Our lesson was on challenges in the family. Last week we all wrote the biggest challenge we are facing with our family and Brother Hatch created a lesson around our responses. It was a fun and very thought provoking lesson. I am so grateful for the loving supportive family I have. We have our challenges, but we are definetly blessed. I love them so much.
 On the way out of institute brother hatch had some very attractive men introduce themselves to me and shandy. Yes I have an awesome boyfriend, but I can still look ;) I just can't touch. Ha ha they were awesome guys. It is still so wierd to me that most of the men in my class are RMs...their mission is the foundation for most of what they say when they bare their testimonies in class or make comments. That just reassures me how important missions are.
 So yes, institute was great. After institute ashlee and I went to spencer's house. Right when we got there spencer put us to work. There was a car stuck on his lawn (not sure how it got there or why it was there) so we had to push it off. Haha that was comical. After the car expirience we went down stairs and....WAXED spencer's chest/tummy area. hahahahaha oh man. IT was hilarious. Don't worry, I'll post videos here shortly. It was just way funny! Good time. i'm still not sure why he wanted it done, although I was told it was partially because I told him his tummy was hairy...haha oh well. It made for a fun night.
 I have a question. why do teenaged boys love fireworks SO much? Cory and Spencer were obessed with lighting fireworks last night. It was freaky. We walked to 7/11 at like 11 o'clock to get slurpees. We walked on this eerie canal (not the eerie canal) and it was creepy. there was this crazy mink farm that stunk and a crazy group of teenagers in a white jeep trying to scare us. It was a creepy adventure...and a very random night.

28 June 2011

A Weekend of Cultural Expiriences

Okay so the past weekend ending today has been full of colorful, cuturing, expirinces. On friday I went to Taylorsville Dayzz with Shandy Chel and a new friend, Tori. We looked at all the boothes and got henna tattoos. Chel Shand and I bought these sweet bags from some crazy guy in a tent and then Tori and I practically got sick on the crazy carni rides. It was so much fun. After the rides we watched fire works. I love watching big fireworks shows. They are awesome, and SUPER romantic. Last year I went to the same fireworks show with mr. cameron. He is the best at being romantic. It was super fun and very much missed this year.
 Next...on saturday ashlee and I went to the Utah Arts Festivle. Needless to say, this is a cultural event all in it's self. Just going down town (as Bruce Robertson said) is an adventure. Ashlee and I drove downtown and parked at the gateway. We decided to out smart the poor parking around the fair and rode trax to library square. while we were waiting for trax we saw a man with a live SNAKE on his hand! Yes, just walking with a snake. and then another with a snake on his neck!!! OH and it gets weirder. When we got to the fair we looked around for a while. There were pot smoking, toms wearing, rat tail growing, "hipsters" everywhere. Basically, the festivle was their weekend hangout. The smell of toms was inescapable. So ashlee and I decided to track down Shauna Robertson, a good friend from school. On our way we saw a lady, riding a bike and selling pb & j sandwhiches with a TAIL!!! Yes she was wearing a faux fox tail. Creepy right? It was totally strange. We got some ice cream and found safety talking to shauna. And where was shauna? Selling pb & j sandwhiches in kiddie land. That's right, she knows creepy tail lady. Man, who just wears a tail? While we were talking to Shauna and Bruce, some hippie came up and told me he liked the curls in my hair. That was new, I've never gotten a compliment from a hippie before, and he was legit. He had ty-dye on and everything. When we were done gosiping with the Robertsons we went looking around and found a SWEET fork art stand. Ashlee and I bought Pickle Forks! They were very handy come dinner time. So we decided to leave the festivle and watch a movie at my house. ON the train back to the gateway there was a mess of teenagers drinking beer cleverly hidden in gatorade bottles. There was also a creepy man staring at ashlee. SUPER creepy. man the train is ALWAYS an expireince.
 At my house we watched return with honor. Ya way sad, but pretty good. And that ended saturday.
SUNDAY I went to...the singles ward dun dun daaaaa....It was pretty sweet. I actually really liked it. I liked seeing people my age so into the gospel and willing to participate in church. I met some nice girls to hangout with and eventually realized I was in the wrong ward, so I'll try again next week.
Today ashlee and I went and saw the scarlett pimpernell. My friend from work, Ann was in it and I love musicals so it was a great excuse to go! It was SO great. i'm going to have to check out the movie and stuff. I loved it. Very musically and historically culturing. And that was my cultural weekend.
                                                     Me and Ash with our Art: Pickle Forks!

24 June 2011

My All Time Favorite Words of Encouragement

Everyone seems to have a different reaction when you tell them you are waiting for a missionary. Most the time people don't understand why you'd spend two years writing to someone. People often offer "encouragement." These are my top three favorite encouraging phrases.

1. "You're waiting for a missionary? Does that mean you can't go on dates, because that is really stupid."
2. "Wow, two years is a long time...What if he changes? He's going to change in two years, you know."

3. "You're only 18, you can't possibly think you are in love and think you really want to marry this guy!"

Haha these are the classic phrases. Most people think i'm an idiot and that I don't know what I am doing. By this time I have just learned to ignore people's opinions. They don't know how Cameron makes me feel. Yes i'm 18. Yes two years is a long time and I know he will change, he already has, but I know he is changing for the better. He is growing up and becoming a marriage-ready man. I love him even more when I read his growing testimony and feelings about the gospel. He is an amazing man and I would be lucky to marry him :)

 So last night I went to relief society. We talked about meal planning and grocery shopping. It is so weird that I actually am trying to plan how I am going to plan meals for my husband and family. It seems so far away, but in reality I know it is almost here. I really like relief society. The women are so sweet and so smart. They have lots of advice for me, and really welcome me.
 After relief society I went to ashlee's house. Haha we checked our tire pressure and filled our tires. We are so mechanical haha. Then we went to have a fire in her new fire pit. Her dad built a cabin in the fire pit for us to burn, but the wood was too wet to it wouldn't light. We ended up just sitting around the non lit fire pit in the darking talking. It was so great. Sometimes the simple things are the most fun!!

21 June 2011

The Basics

So...here's the story. Cameron and I were somewhat introduced my a mutal friend last year. He was a senior and I was a junior. Mitch, our mutal friend, told Cameron that I thought he was a stud and Cam asked Mitch for my number. And that's how it started. Cameron texted me the same night and we hit it off instantly. We texted straight for days, and then Cameron asked me on a date. Our first date was hilarious. We doubled with Mitch and went to Hollywood Connection (YUCK!) But he made it fun. He was/is the worst mini golfer I've ever met and that made for some laughs. I found that Cam and I just got along super easily. It was so natural to be with him. SO our first date was a success. Then we went on a second to the movies and saw Valentine's Day together. He made the move, and everything was so great. I decided I really liked Cam. Fast forward a few months....We went to Prom together and that was the first night he held my hand and then kissed me. He is amazing. The night after senior dinner dance I took him on a date. We went to gardner village for dinner and went to day break lake. We held hands and talked the entire night. It was a perfect night, made better only by him telling me he loved me for the first time. He said it, and I knew he meant it. From that moment on we were inseperable. We spent the entire summer with each other. Our nights consisted of rides in the jeep, cuddled by the fire, and long conversations. I fell in love very easily with him. He is my better half and my absolute best friend. We were there for eachother through everything...no matter what. The summer was a dream and ended all too soon. In August Cameron recieved his mission call. I watched Cameron go from a high school boy to a mission ready man. We embraced our last months together, but knew the end was near. We spent every spare second together. Before he recieved his call, Cameron and I talked about me waiting and marriage. He is an amazing man and I want nothing more in life than to be with him. He gave me a promise ring and promised if I waited for him and supported him, he would marry me. And that's the deal. He left on October 20, 2010. It was by far the hardest day of my entire life. There is nothing harder than watching the man you love walk away from you for the last time for a long time. I watched him go and am waiting for him to come back. Cameron is the best man I have ever met. He is my best friend. He knows anything and everything about me, and I about him. I know that these two years will only make us stronger when we are married. He is an incredible missionary. I am so truly proud of the man he has become and can not wait to meet him again. This blog is about the time until that happens...