30 November 2011

In Case You Ever Wondered

For those of you who know me well, you know how much I absolutely love my job. I am so blessed. I began working at SOS Staffing in May, just before I graduated. I had worked at the bowling alley for two years, and was ready to progress in my work. I am the marketing assisant, and am constantly learning new things. Because of my wonderful job I have been able to purchase my own car and pay for my car insurance. I buy my own clothes and feel as those I'm taking steps to be independent. However, being able to be independent is not the biggest reason I love my job. Rather, it's the people I spend my time with. When you have a set working schedule you really become close to those you work with and work for. The immediate group I work with are the best. They are so witty and caring. Work truly is fun. I laugh my head off everyday! But today I realized just how great the presidents of my company are.
 A little over a week ago my uncle chris passed away. In a lot of ways, it is a blessing for him. He was in a very horrible car wreck when I was little and became a quad, meaning he had no use of or feeling in his legs or arms, through the years his bodily hardships have gotten worse and worse. He had his legs amputated and constantly was in the hospital. He became very sick and passed away peacefully. He now is in a much happier place and I hope, is much happier. Today my aunt (his wife) received flowers from JoAnn, Kevin, and the SOS Family in condolences of our loss. JoAnn is the CEO and President of SOS and Kevin is the CFO of SOS. They got word of my families' hardship and took the iniative to send flowers to someone they've never met, in Detroit. How amazing is that? I seriously can not comprehend how amazingly caring the company I work for is. They truly treat their employees so well and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work for such a great company. So in case anyone ever wondered why I love my job....there you have it.

28 November 2011

Who is this boy?!

Okay...I'm going to get personal and share an email again. It's p-day, the best day of the week, and my cutie missionary is just the best. Period.

My absolute favorite (note the sarcasm) thing that people say to me when I tell them I am waiting for a missionary is: "Woah...two years is a LONG time. What if he changes?"

Today I got this email:

Hahah yeah its not easy to teach about the gospel. I feel like I knew nothing when i came out compared to what I know now. When we were flying out there was a missionary on his way home and I talked to him and his dad asked us how we'd tell someone what the book of Mormon was and we were all silent, his son just went off and explained in great detail and I thought wow i will never be able to do that. But its now to the point where I can do it in my sleep. The easiest way to explain what we believe is the articles of faith, or the gospel, faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end. The book of Mormon has a lot of critics but only because people don't understand what it is. Another Testament of Jesus Christ. A record of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and their dealings with God and Jesus Christ. People don't know He came here, ministered and taught the rest of "His sheep". The plan of salvation is tricky because its deep, but to scratch the surface you can say something like: Because of the wickedness of the world after the time of Christ, the truths and doctrines of His gospel were lost or distorted, so a loving Father in heaven restored those principles so His children would know what they were to do in this life. These things were restored in the same manner that He has always revealed His gospel, through a prophet. We have evidence of this that you can hold in your hands and read and pray to know if its true......" Haha welcome to missionary work. Anyways, I sure love you sweetie!! :-):-) I hope you know that :-) I do, with all my heart!! Be safe this week ok?? My nerves are at ease a little more knowing you are home safe and sound :-) Just like when i used to make you call me when you'd have to drive home from my house at night :-) I love you Kayla.

Forever yours, your cam, who will see you in less than a year, Elder Cameron Trujillo :-)

I was telling him just how hard it was to explain to my non-member extended family members what an lds missionary was and that I was waiting for one. After I would tell a family member about my missionary they would start asking gospel questions, that got deeper and deeper. I know that the church is true and I have no problem expressing my feelings and testimony to other members. But how do you explain the plan of salvation or why we have "an extra book" to someone who believes fallacies about the church. I told cam I gained an immensely greater respect for what he does everyday and asked how I could become better at it. This paragraph from my email was his reply. For those of you who don't know my cameron, this seems like normal gospel stuff...but to me, this is so much more. This is from the boy who used to allow himself one "church sleep in day" a month and who enjoy sluffing seminary. Yes, this was from a once normal teenage boy. But over the past 14 (yipee!) months, cameron has grown so much within the gospel. I am so proud of who he's become.

So to all the "Waiter Haters" who insist that cameron will change, as will I...you're right. He has changed and will continue to change. And to be honest, I've changed. But we have both grown up and are becoming two adults ready to pursue a life together. I am so excited to meet the man my cameron has become.

27 November 2011

Take Me

my favorite place.
there is nothing better than sitting in the sand whilst the ocean tide gently creeps near you.
swimming is also a must.
salt water is the cure for acne, dry hair, and a bad day. trust me.

you know when you are doing one of those silly relaxation things and you are supposed to go to your happy place? this is mine.

26 November 2011

A Hawaiian Black Friday: A Teaser

So as you may or may not know....I'm in Maui for Thanksgiving. It's been one of the best weeks ever. I will go in to more detail with lots of pictures later, I promise! But here's today's rundown and perhaps a teaser for what's to come.

I woke up, threw my hair in a bun, and walked down stairs to breakfast with patty. We got a table and patrick ran to the buffet, while I stayed at the table to order off my menu. Suddenly, to my surprise, this man comes over to my table and starts talking to his friend at the table behind me...Oh ya, and this man just happens to be none other than ADAM SANDLER....who just happens to be talking to his pal Kevin James. So I just sit back and listen intently to their candid conversation. The whole time (inside) I'm freaking out!!! Haha Then I hear that Mr. Sandler has a tennis time at 11...so I sneakily head to the concierge desk and book a tennis time at 11 as well. Clever.

At 10, after breakfast, my family had an outrigger canoe lesson, so we head to the beach and head out on the sea. I saw turtles for the first time today and it was the best!!

Then at 11 I head out to the tennis courts. No sandler. I am the worst stalker ever. I guess there is a tennis club just up the streets...I should have known the 6th floor courts weren't good enough for adam...no he had to go to the club. Whatever. So my family played a bit of tennis then headed to the beach.

By this time the whole gang was having lunch so I ordered a cheeseburger and hung out by the pool...and low and behold, here comes adam sandler walking around the pool. Oh you better believe I took a creeper picture on my iphone. It's blurry and debatable, but it's him. After lunch my cousins and I played keep away in the pool. It was intense and patrick even broke my nail...Then we had some good old chicken fights. Classic.

Things really got good when we headed down to the beach and played soccer on the sand. Cliche, but so great. And by the standards of our group, I was actually pretty good (which may tell you something if you know how I play soccer). I took down my uncle a couple of times and had a blast. OH ya....and I broke my toe. No joke, purple and blue and swollen. It's a beaut. But sooo worth it.

After soccer we all showered then headed up to my aunt kim and uncle keith's room for some pizza and card games. Seriously, it was so fun. Nothing brings a family together like playing Bull Sh... I dominated the first game! Who knew I was such a good liar?? Then after the games we headed down to the dark beach and took the little guys crab hunting. Yes there is such a thing, and yes I caught crabs...Not the kinky kind, the kind that have claws and live on the beach. It was awesome.

We ended the day with a trip to the local ice cream shop and a walk through the resorts. Life is perfect here. I hate that I have to leave tomorrow. I will fill you in on the rest of the week's adventures at a later date. Until then, Aloha.

20 November 2011


I'm coming back....and I have missed you so very much.

Aloha! Gobble Gobble

19 November 2011

3 Hours of Sleep

Because of this...

Breaking Dawn premier!!!

I guess Austin wasn't exactly excited

It was shand's birthday, so I made a cake for the movie
And this...

I spent yesterday extremely tired. Thanks to a five hour energy drink, I managed to make it through a great day of work and a fun night out with my cute parents.
I have NEVER EVER gone a night with only three hours of sleep (except on Ragnar) I guess I am offially a crazy-scheduled college student.

PS. breaking dawn is pretty cheesey...it was so bad, it was good:)

16 November 2011

52 Continued!

Okay continuing my "52 reasons I love you" project for cam for Christmas, here are ten more of the 52 reasons I love my cam man.
(written to cam)

I love you because....

11.        You took me to build a bear to make a missionary bear before you left (: I sleep with missionary bear every night, but I can not wait to have my missionary instead.
12.        You were just so excited to take me to that crazy Halloween decorated house in your neighborhood last year. We were teasing each other and laughing and then you just kissed me in the middle of the road in the dark. I really loved that moment, it is probably one of the best of my life.
13.     On the morning of prom, at breakfast, taylor asked mitch to say the prayer to make him feel uncomfortable in front of everyone, and instead of making a fool of mitch you offered to say the prayer. I was first so proud that we had a prayer for breakfast, but more so that you said it. That was the first time I heard you pray, and I knew then you would be a faithfull missionary.
14.      The day mitch texted you in drawing class and asked what you thought of his “art friend” [me] you said you had seen me at region dances and at school and always thought I was so pretty.
15.      Because you texted me for the first time that same night.
16.      Because we were both too afraid to acknowledge one another at school. I’d see you, you’d see me, but we’d pretend it never happened. AWKWARD
17.     Because you always got “lost” on the way to autoshop, just so you could walk by Spanish to see me. But don’t worry, I’d walk slow and linger in the halls to see you too.
18.    Because  when I told you I liked those two pairs of shoes you had, you wore them every time we were together after that.
19.   Because you made me dinner that night and we sat on your back deck eating our little chicken and enjoying each other, this night is how I imagine our future marriage nights.
20.     The first night we ever got snow cones together and we stayed on the lawn until it was like 10 o’clock and super dark. Then you walked me to my car and gave me a hug…but I wanted a kiss, so I bravely kissed your check. Then you whispered “I can do better than that,” and kissed me. Really kissed me. Snow cone mouth and all.

Librarian Hair

Two words: Sock Bun

yes I have a sock in my hair and yes I am wearing fake glasses (they're ash's)
hello college student meets librarian

See that thing on the ground in both my pics? It's a letter from elder. And it was pretty cute :) I hope he can appriciate my sock bun hair

15 November 2011

52 Reasons

 I love pinterest....and thanks to that wonderous website, I have found a project to make for cam for christmas. I did the 12 days of christmas last year, and wanted to do something equally cute, but different this year, and here it is!

52 reasons I love him.

I've decided to share all 52 on my blog, so here's a few for today. (ps they are written to him)

I love you because....

1.       On our second date, when we went to see Valentine’s Day, after the movie you took my hand and danced with me in the middle of the Jordan landing plaza. I was so nervous and scared that I didn’t really dance with you….But I loved every bit of that moment.
2.      When we were walking up the stairs at prom and you held my hand, it was just so sweet.

3.      Because of your cheesy pickup lines. Remember the football one? I couldn’t figure out why you were talking about football during the movie, then you made “the move.” classic cameron.
4.       Because on our first date you wore that blue and black sweater and smelled better than anyone I’ve ever smelt. you still smell better than anyone...ever.
5.    Because you couldn’t remember my middle name OR my birthday at dinner on prom. Some date you were (:
6.      Because you had a job all through high school. You weren’t some lazy boy that mooched of his parents. You were responsible and hopefully still are {wink, wink}
7.    You have the most perfect teeth of anyone I’ve ever met. Our children will be so blessed in the dental portion of their lives.

8.       You almost cried when you got your hair cut…But in all honestly, you look so much older and so much more like a man with it short. I absolutely love it that way.

9.    You have old man phrases, like “Oh, geez” and a tendency to quote journey songs. you are sooooo old.  I love it.

10.  Because that one time I had a tennis match at copper hills and you promised to come and then you didn’t. I was so mad at you, but then you came to my house that night, practically in tears with flowers because your jeep had broken down. I felt so awful and you did too, but I knew that you truly loved me because you cared so much

Okay those are my first ten. He's such a stud :) and I am so very blessed

14 November 2011

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

I knind of feel like I've been talking about movies a lot...but some of my all time favorite books are soon to be movies. Here's the most exciting one yet.


So great. I am so excited for March now!!!!

Want to know something funny? Cameron's favorite books are the Hunger Game Series. Yes, he is the greatest man alive :)

13 November 2011

A Wedding

I have my ticket and I am way too excited! Bring on Thursday!!!

Sometimes They [My Friends] Come Home

I thought about titling this post "sometimes they come home," but considering who my blog is dedicated to and my last post, I decided I needed to clarify that my friends, not my mish, come home :) This weekend I was graced with the presence (sacastically) of not one, but TWO friends, on different nights.
Last night was all about this guy...

and it's always a great night when he is involved.
(please make note that I have not kissed anyone in 13 months. My puckering up face is a little off)

Tonight Ash and I kicked it at her place. Our night involved Walmart, Just Dance, Ham, More Just Dance, Nutella Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, Blankets, Something Borrowed, Facebook Stalking, and lots of catching up.

I pretty much have the coolest friends around. Period.

Here's a video that I was introduced to the other day. I have now been inspired and will be filming random bits of my life for the next 11 months. Get used to it.

I can't post the video so you'll have to be extra motivated and copy/paste the link. But trust me, if you love missionary sappy stuff, you'll love this.

PS. 42 days until Christmas. 42 days until I can talk to Elder again :)

10 November 2011

A Missionary Girlfriend

11 more months to go. At times it seems like so little and at other times it seems like so much. I would give anything in the world for it to be next october right now. Anything to hug cameron. Some days are better, some are worse, but everyday is one less until I see him. This past week I've been emotional (guess which week of the month it is) but reguardless, i've been thinking a lot about my life with cameron. It's not easy to be the girlfriend of a missionary....It's not easy to have a boyfriend you can't even talk to for two years, or to be the friend that doesn't have a date. It's not easy to wonder what he is doing and how often he thinks of you. It's not easy to try and explain every piece of your life in a letter and to have portions of your life he can't experience. It's not easy to be driving at night and suddenly break down into full on tears, because you wish, more than anything, he could be in the car with you. I miss my cameron so much, but I can't ever tell him that. For him, I have to be strong and positive, always. I know however, through all the hard and all the tears I've cried, he is worth it.
 I can not wait to see cam come down the escalators and I can not wait to hug him and cry uncontrollably (out of happiness) on his shoulder. He is the best man I know and my greatest friend. 13 months down, 11 to go, one day at a time.

I found this today and got some much needed inspiration. They do come home, and it's worth it.

here's one more

just these videos make me cry. I will be a mess when it's my turn.

sorry for the pathetic-ness, but I needed to vent today....and this is my blog.

09 November 2011


What a way to start out the day.

All I wanted was to be able to wear some boots and maybe a scarf. This is a bit excessive.
Thank goodness I only have ten days until Maui.

04 November 2011

sometimes I think my cat may actually be a dinosaur in hidding.
it's all in the eyes.

i need to find something more fun to take pictures of with my iphone....