31 December 2011

Auld Lang Syne

2011 has been one of the greatest years of my life. Full of change and new experiences, it was truly memorable. I am so blessed to be where I'm at in life surrounded by those that love me. I am so grateful for the life I have. 2012, however, is the year I have been waiting for. I can not wait to meet my cameron and to begin our life together. Here's to an amazing 2011 and an amazing year to come!!!

27 December 2011

Blue Sweater

This about sums it up.

and yes...I have his blue sweater.

26 December 2011

Something New

I decided I wanted to spruce up my blog.
So I went and took some pictures.

Oh ya...did I mention I got a new camera for christmas?

As if I wasn't annoying enough when it comes to taking pictures.
This is a whole new level.

25 December 2011

A Phone Call

Merry Christmas...and Happy Christmas to me.
Today was an amazing day. I will blog about my morning and family christmas at a later day.
As for now, I will tell you about my call.

I took a nap after dinner. This is where the story begins. LeAnn (cameron's mom) texted me to come over and that I did. I got all dressed up and made sure I smelt my best (as if he'd know). Then I headed over to one of my favorite places in the world. I got to his home and was able to catch up with his family for about forty minutes before that blessed call. We exchanged gifts and I got spoiled rotten...as if that boy wasn't enough. Then we talked and talked... We were all excited. LeAnn got a few text messages and we all freaked out thinking it was him calling. Then it was. His mom talked to him and then his brother. Then his mom then his step-dad. Then his mom. I was dying. I could understand what they were talking about but was dying to talk to him. Then she finished and handed the phone to me. I took a deep breath and then it was all about us.
I love that boy.
We talked and talked and laughed and laughed. Just hearing his laugh...made the past seven months of no phone calls all worth while. He asked about school and work and life in general. I asked about his companions and if he walks around in his garments in his apartment (he does). We talked about my cheesy videos and about my family's christmas card. We talked about the months left and about our first hug when he comes back. We talked about kissing and stuff. I told him I was jealous of his companion and he told me I was beautiful. We laughed and cherished one another's laugh.
This call was different. There was more catching up involved than the last three. But after 7 months of nothing but letters and emails, I suppose that is understandable. It started with small talk and ended with us talking about road trips, going to the temple, and laughing about our first date. It is so perfectly easy with him and I love that. I would tell him I had to go because his mom had somewhere to be (and I had her phone) and then we'd end up talking and laughing for twenty more minutes. Classic. Yes there were some awkward moments where we both just gathered our thoughts trying to comprehend the fact that we were actually speaking with one another, but the laughs trumped the awkwardness...and after all, we always have been awkward. After we said good bye the tears came. As they always do. I hold it together for him, always, then break down in my car on the way home. I bawled. But that's just part of it. He makes me so happy, I hate having to say goodbye. The post call heartbreak is almost worse than the original goodbye. Almost. But my family (they've always been so great) managed to lessen the blow and help me put everything in to perspective. Ten more months. One more phone call. No more birthdays, thanksgivings, or christmases. I can do this. I love that boy and I am so blessed to have him in my life. He is such an example to myself as well as to all those in his life. There is just something about cameron. He is loved by so many and is such a kind man. I know he is the one I want to spend eternity with and I know that the next ten months will only continue to confirm that knowledge. I know the work he is doing is true and I know we will be going to the temple soon after his return. I love my old man. I can not wait for next october. Merry Christmas.

24 December 2011

Christmas Adventures

more to come.
merry christmas to all.
happy christmas to me, as i'll be talking to my missionary in less than 24 hours.

23 December 2011

One. Nine.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a very good day indeed.
I was spoiled rotten.
When I got to work my desk was decorated and completely trashed. (kind of like what kids in jr high do to your locker for your birthday....but so much cooler when it's in your cubical).
Janna surprised me with pink flowers to accompany my graduation plant. She said I had done a good job taking care of the other plant so it was time to get another...but honestly, we all know she's the reason my plants stay alive. But my new flowers are so pretty :)
Kristin made me these cute little wooden Christmas trees for my soon-to-be newly wed apt...haha they are adorable. We'll be dirt poor, but at least we'll have cute little trees for christmas.
Janna also baked me a jello cake with whipped cream frosting. It was do great. Who knew you could put jello in a cake?! Seriously. So great. I may have had a piece for breakfast today too.
I love my job.
Happy Birthday Hiphop. Classic
The sales team dumped their candy all over my desk. 
Yes, I sure did leave it all decorated all day.
The trees Kristin made for me.
My jello-whipped cream cake. Mmmmmm
My parents also spoiled me. Mom made my favorite pasta dinner. Yes, I still smell like garlic. Not like I'm kissing anyone these days. Then we gathered in the living room for presents. I got my iPhone for my birthday...but also got tons if make up and accessories - basically kayla's favorite things, is what I got. My family truly goes all out on birthdays, and I love it :)

I had such a great day and am so blessed to have so many people in my life that love me and car about me.

Oh and something else great about this birthday? It's the last one before cam comes home. I have this strange feeling that next year he'll be giving me a little box with contents that rhyme with sing. And I can not wait.

20 December 2011


ten..........ten months to go.
happy 14th today! 14 months since cameron left. and, even better....10 until he comes home.
next month is single digits baby.
we're looking good.
i'm thinking it's about time to crack down on the acne and diet. i've got ten months to be hot. LGN diet...here I come. after the holidays ofcourse ;) 

oh ya...and hopefully these next ten months FLY...because my cat and i are becoming too close for comfort.

oh ya, again...welcome back the orange hair. i'm not sure for how long, but as of now...i'm a ginger again.

17 December 2011

No...I am not a lesbian.

But sometimes chelsea and I go on dates.
Last night we went to my first annual SOS Christmas Party. It was a fancy smacy party at the Little America that included shirley temples, mini deserts, and awkward dancing. It was completely awesome.
Chel and I got all dressed up and had to take pictures. Here the best of the night:

Red lipstick and a black dress.

Chel as cute as can be.

We have just about the same pose. We seem to hang out a lot.

At the dinner table.

Janna and Ann. My great work friends.
Our night also included nikki manaj, parking in a pay lot (without paying), running across 6th north (or south?) in heels, spotting a man dressed as a gingerbread man, going to temple square, and ending the night with hot chocolate in the navoo cafe. It was a super fun and hilarious night. As aways....

the life partners aways seem to have a good time.

15 December 2011

Worth the Wait

Okay okay...I know...3 posts in a day. Sorry if I'm spaming your dashboard. But this is too good not to share. This is from Laura Jean. A fellow MG. Scratch that, she's a Return Missionary's Girlfriend. Her boy came home yesterday and they are completely, blissfully in love. Her's, is the kind of story that make everything worth it. I'm sorry that I post about this so much, but this is so much of my life and so much a part of who I am. It's hard. On so many levels. But the hope that this will be me in 10 months, makes it all worth the wait.

Here is her story.

I don’t like taking up a lot of space, so I’ve deleted the before story. If ya missed it, boy and girl met at a jazz festival. Started dating the summer after that. He went on his mission that winter, 2009, and he came home today.  And the two years apart kinda sucked.
Alright. Now for the homecoming story.
If I didn’t see him today, today would have been the worst day of my life. That anxiety, I kid you not, was highly unpleasant. Incredibly so. 7:30 rolled around, he started calling me then hanging up before I could answer. 8pm was when he was supposed to get released. And so he did. But no one told me. 8:30 rolled around. Nothing. 8:45. Nothing 9:00pm. I lost it, and texted his sister asking if he was coming over, she said “I’m not allowed to say ;)” From 9:00pm on, I had my face pressed against the window, watching for his truck.
Now. For you to understand how perfect today was, you must know something about his goodbye. It was the first snow of the season in 2009. And he walked away from me, and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, so I ran after him. In the snow. Barefoot. And he kissed me, picked me up, and carried me back to my door.
Alright. Now comes 9:30pm on December 13, 2011. My phone starts ringing, and I look down and see it’s him calling. And I look up and see someone walking in front of our house on the phone, but it’s dark, and I naturally can’t see in the dark…. But I knew it was him.
I opened the door, stepped out, and stood on the doorstep. He said “You opened the door for me, how nice!” Then I ran off the doorstep, down the drive way and stopped because he was the awkward return missionary, I wanted him to meet me the rest of the way. And he did. He ran towards me, picked me up and hugged me. And we turned in slow circles in the snow, just holding each other. We relaxed the hug, and he looked into my eyes, and I don’t even remember what we said, but he started kissing me all over the face, hitting the mark (if you know what I mean) every other time. Then we hugged and my sister opened the door and looked out and said “Awww! I’d come outside but I’m barefoot!” And he said “Fine! Stay inside!” And we just held each other, spinning slowly in the snow, whispering to each other. He looked down and realized I was barefoot, and picked me up, and carried me to my door. Just like last time.
Then we sat down with my family and talked. And talked. And talked. And he played the piano for my dad. I haven’t seen my dad smile like that since I don’t know when. They just exchanged mission war stories, and talked about life and I sat and stared at him, and every now and then he’d look over at me, still talking to my dad, but he’d just stare at me.
Then my parents gave us space. We turned off the lights, and turned on all the Christmas lights, and sat together, as close as we could, getting closer and closer, maybe making out a lot. We talked a lot, but our lips were touching most of the time. And we didn’t talk a lot too. Sometimes we’d just hold each other and look at the Christmas tree. And whisper that today was the best day of our lives.

“What do you think about Spring?”
“I like Spring. Do you like Spring?”
“It’s my favorite season.”
“What do your parents think about Spring?”
“I don’t really care. It’s my life.”
“And it’s my life.”
“And I want my life to be your life.”

We didn’t talk much about the last two years. We just talked. And it was so easy. So many RMGs said that it was like he never left. I never believed them. I thought that was crazy. But we picked up right where we left off, no, better. I love him so much girls. 2 years ago, he was a boy I loved. Now, he’s the man I want to be with forever.

Tomorrow his mom has to take a test, and she’s going to park the car at one of those coin machine things… forgot what they’re called… anyways, Josh and I are going to sit in the car and put quarters in every 30 minutes and play games and tell stories.
It was worth the wait. 100 times over. Today was horrible. 2 years ago, if I knew today was going to be like that, I might not have said yes. But NOW. Now, after being with him, I would have gone through today every day for 5 years if it meant I could be with him.
I can’t even describe it fully. Every tear I cried over the last 2 years, because I was lonely, because I was confused, it was all worth it. Every night I stayed up all night because it was letter day the next morning and I needed that letter a lot. Every hurt I felt at the weddings I work, remembering how I was alone. He’s here now. And he’s never leaving me again.
It was worth it. I could never say it enough. It was worth it.

- Laura Jean

Hell Week

Hell week, is over.
This is one happy girl.
Three weeks of complete bliss.
Sweaters, a Birthday, Christmas, a Phone Call...and so much more.

natural hair and a giant sweater...lazy days are here to stay (at least for three weeks).

Okay an update...tomorrow will be the first day since I posted my hair-cry post that I will use a heating tool on my hair. I have a big work party tomorrow night and need to look some what decent. I'm excited to have a hair-doo again and to get all dressed up.

Things are looking good post-semester one.

Something Cool

My fellow MG Giselle put this together for me.
Pretty cool right?
Miles away, but always together in thought and heart.
I'm a fan of this.

13 December 2011

Instead of Finals....

Sometimes, I go to school at 11:30 to be for sure, on time to my 1:00 finals.
I sit and wait. and wait.
Then I find out the final has been moved to thursday instead. It's 12:00 and my next final isn't until 3:00.
I brought nothing to study, because I didn't think I'd have time to kill.
So, sometimes chel and I get to go on adventures instead of study for finals and take tests.
Today was one of those sometimes.

Recognize this establishment? Yes, it sure is the Hookah shop in the Provo UT Girls vid. Cool.

Sketchy street. With a hearing aid store, a wheel chair store, and a steel-toed boots store, all in a row.

Out table at the deli we ended up at.

I had to contribute to the drawings.

Kayla Stober + Chelsea Nunez. Life partners. Get over it.

Our yummy lunch!
I called chelsea and we decided to go out to lunch. I picked her up and she pointed me in the direction of a health foods resturant we could go to. Ya, we didn't find it. But we did find this new york deli! It had three tables, yummy sandwiches, and lots of character. We chatted, took pictures, and had a nice break from finals week.
And sometimes, that's just what we need.

12 December 2011

A Girl Named Ashlee

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

We've been through it all together. Literally.
Cody Bedke.
Slumber parties.
Birthday parties.
Middle school.
Soccer teams.
Driver's licenses.
and much more to come.

Here's to 13 years of friendship. I am so blessed to have you in my life and am so grateful for all the adventures we've had ash. I can't wait to grow up even more together! I can't wait to see where life takes us :)
I love you friend.
Happy birthday.