29 September 2011

Top Ten Thursdays!! The Simple Things

Happy Top Ten Thursday all! Best day of the week...And even better this week because my friends are coming home :) Yay...I love my girls and miss them way too much!
 Okay this week's Top Ten topic is the Simple things in life that make me soooo happy!!

10. on rare occasion when my mom makes my family breakfast on the weekends and my whole fam just hangs out in our pjs enjoying one another with some orange juice.
9. driving around after i just filled up my tank of gas.
8. poping a white zit. okay this is soooooo gross, but i fell almost...proud of myself. take that puberty!
7. when i get to ride home on a uta tour bus. oh yeah, these things are legit. wi-fi. a whole row to myself. comfy seats. nerdy, yes, but you wouldn't understand unless you rode the bus.
6. new makeup and new aussie hair spray. i feel like a million bucks.
5. new panties! nothing says happiness like a new pair of vs yoga panties. so great.
4. walking around the house in my new panties and a big wj t-shirt. (when no one is home to bug me of course. if only my family knew what i was up to when they were gone.) i love it.
3. campfires. if you know me, you know this. some of my happiest memories are outside cuddled around a fire.
2. vacations with my family. i just love them. whether it be a cruise or a road trip to the fruit stands, they are the best family ever. seriously.
1. letters from a cute man. (i have 105. i know i'm loved)

my life is so simple, but so happy.

{sim - ple} noun adj. not elaborate or artificial. not ornate or luxurious. plain.

26 September 2011

My Guy

Okay...So since this blog is called "a waiting girl" and is supposed to be about me waiting for my cam man, I decided to do something weird today. Mondays are P-day, which I love! I get an email every week from cam and this week I want to share my email. This is the boy I love. shhhhh....don't tell him i'm publicizing this, he'd never be cute again! haha but lex, this is what you have to look forward to :)

"Hey there pretty girl! :-) I am doing well! It sure is great to hear from you, like always :-) It makes me so happy to hear you are happy and all is well :-) College sounds fun! See didn't i tell you that you'd be ok?? Haha just proves yet again... that i am always right ;-) And i like the idea of going to the same school! We'll see. I'm going to take whatever door heavenly Father opens for me :-) But what i look forward to most is our little cozy poor college couple apartment mmmm... ;-):-) That will seriously be the best!!
Your story about Elder Jones was so awesome!! I seriously think he had been my favorite comp yet! We just got along so great! Walking around the frozen streets of south Philly quoting Seinfeld and talking abut the jazz every day :-) Hahaha he messages me on fb once in a while. Haha by behaved i mean he better not have told you anything embarrassing about some of the things we went through! :-) Haha missions are full of awkwardness. Just everything has potential to be awkward. Living with someone you don't know 24-7, knocking on doors, people on the streets, anti Mormon harassment, it all keeps things interesting haha. Haha and i doubt he thinks badly of you Kayla! :-) Come on now, he saw every pic I had of you, just like all my comps, and plus i've said it a million times, you Kayla Jean Stober cannot look bad!! That's just the facts jack!! :-) So deal with it!! :-) I sure love you babe!!
ARGH! My birthday ya say?? Haha there is my pirates imitation for the year :-) haha. Well i went and hit a bucket of balls at a driving range. Besides that, normal day. We had a dinner set up that night but the member cancelled. Nothing exciting :-) Your package made me so so happy! Haha you are too cute! :-) Thank you so so much!! You sure know how to make me feel loved Kayla Trujillo :-) Really that is something that I can not tell you how much it means to me. All i can say is thank you, and i love you more than you can even imagine!!! :-)
I cant believe its Halloween time!! That means one year is just around the corner!! :-) Babe think about that. One year, one! Until i look into your beautiful green eyes again :-) Soon it'll be less than a year!! CRAZY!! Your Halloween festivities sound fun! Haha i definitely want pics of your costumes! When we are married, geez even next year, how do you feel about couple Halloween costumes? I could see us at a Halloween party :-)
You seriously are so blessed! Your job is like the perfect fit for you! And now you make "real person money" hahahaha :-) You were just make believe before. Kinda like Pinocchio, but your nose is cute and not big haha :-) Ahhh i cant wait to tease you in person again! Remember sitting on the couch together and teasing each other?? :-) I sure do. Anyways back to your work. So how many teams were there in this said Olympics?? Just curious :-) What did you win? So the facebook things. Well you can post on my wall, but just be wise haha i dunno. President reviews them a lot and Elder Mathie (now assistant to the president) Is leery of people having people from home. I cant write lovey dovey stuff on your wall, but i can and do expect to do it via email, message whatever :-) Thats kinda the rule is just to keep stuff private. I am working with people from other areas and here on it and trust me, private is best. Its hard though because some of the people I've baptized are having a hard time and are slipping away. It breaks my heart. But the atonement covers all things, its just helping them to realize that. Sorry for that tangent haha. Umm on pics you can totally tag me! But my attempt at a muscle pic that i sent you, probably not that one. Its kinda being worked out still. Our misson is the pioneer for facebook missionary work. The other 52000 missionaries are waiting for us to figure it out so everyone can use it. I dunno. Not much of an answer right? :-) Sorry thats all I know hun. But definitely be lovey dovey either way :-) You know i love that! :-)
Yes its beginning to be fall here!! Haha i love it! The temp is just perfect that i can wear a long sleeved shirt and be comfortable in the cool air :-) This Saturday suit coats go back on for the winter though. I kinda like wearing it all the time, but its harder to wash regularly. So no my scent definitely isn't good anymore haha :-) Its more like fabreez hahaha. This week. Starting tonight, I'm going up to Susquehanna PA for a zone conference tomorrow so it should be way way pretty up there! We are going to the site where the priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith :-) IN your pics in you scriptures, its in there. Cool right? Someday I want to go on a historical church site seeing trip together and see the sacred grove and where the first book of Mormon was printed and Carthage jail, and just all of that stuff :-) Maybe it can end with us going to the temple here in philly with some of the people I helped receive the gospel. I dunno, just a thought for our to do list :-)
I sure love you babe! Be safe and have fun this week ok? :-) I miss you like none other! But I know we will be and have been already, blessed for this :-) I cant wait to have the girl of my dreams in my arms once more :-) And to have the amazing marriage i always wanted :-) You are my everything cutie! :-) Don't ever forget that!

Love forever and ever, your cam, your missionary, Elder Cameron C. Trujillo :-)

he is the greatest man I know and I love him to death. Here's to one more year.

20 September 2011

Okay I Know I'm Lame

Okay okay...I'm probably the LAST person on earth to listen to them, but this weekend has been one of discovery...as far as music goes! I found three new bands I absolutely LOVE.
1. The Black Keys.
2. Airborne Toxic Event.
3. He is We.
All three are totally different, but I'm loving them! It's so nice to change up your music sometimes! My favorite of the new songs I've found is "I Wouldn't Mind" by He is We. The best line is "Forever is a long, long time. But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side. Tell me everyday I get to wake up to that smile, I wouldn't mind it at all. I wouldn't mind it, at all."

Tell me everyday I get to wake up to that smile. I wouldn't mind it...at all.
I have a thing for perfect white teeth. I have a thing for this kid.
I know I'm probably the last one ever to "discover" this new music, but hey, i'm a little lame. No worries. If I have my headphones in the next time you see me, don't worry, I'm just loving these bands. Check them out :)

18 September 2011

My Wardie Date

SO...Last night I went on a date with a good friend of mine from my ward. Yes, a wardie. He was the boy that took me on my very very first date back when I turned 16. We recently kind of became friends again (sort of) after being out of touch for a couple years. He asked me on a date last week after my interesting day at church with him and I agreed. I was super nervous because in all honesty when I was 16 I liked this boy. A lot. I had the biggest crush on him right from the first time I talked to him at mutal. But feelings were not shared and time passed on. I was nervous about my date last night because I didn't know how I still felt about this boy. I didn't know if the feelings I had for him back a few years ago were still prevalent. I still thought he was attractive, but did I like him? This worried me. I was worried I was putting myself in a situation that would not be good for me and cameron. The week leading up to our date I couldn't help but feel guilty because I knew how I had once felt about this boy. But I ended up going anyways and it was the best decision I could have made. My date was fun. We went to cafe rio for dinner. We went and walked on the jordan parkway and talked and talked. We went to get frozen yogurt and my date even sang in the car. By all measures it was a good date. But it was nothing compared to dates with cameron, and that's what was so good. My memories of my first date with my wardie were that is was spectacular. I just thought it was the greatest date ever and that I was so in love with this boy. I thought we was just the greatest thing in the world...Now, not as much. I have good memories, but I think I have a better perspective of things in my life. I have goals and plans and expectations. Things that this man does have, but also things that he does not have. I have a list to stay true to for marriage and my wardie differs from what I want. No, I was not planning on marring mr. wardie by any means, but now I realize just how important those goals for my husband and my life are.
 Sorry this has been A LOT of rambling...but I feel like I've just been awakened in ways. I am so glad I went on that date because I feel in love with cameron more. The way he treats me and talks to me and the feelings he has for me are special. I am so blessed to have such an amazing man in my life who has dedicated his life to God. That is the kind of man I want to marry and the one I will :) I guess it's good for me to go on dates because it makes me realize just how happy I am with cameron. AND...tomorrow is his birthday :)
Happy Sunday!

15 September 2011

Top Ten Thursdays!! You know you go to UVU when....

10. Every boy that bends down has garments on. We are in utah valley after all.
9. You don't have a football team. Don't worry though, we have cheerleaders. That makes everything better.
8. You're walking to the liberal arts building and see tents out on the school lawn...still don't understand.
7. Your professor schedules an appointment with you to get to know you better. I love small classes.
6. More people wear BYU shirts than uvu apparel.
5. You spend four hours a week on a bus. and enjoy it.
4. You don't like talking to guys with rings. They're married, why bother?
3. You walk down the hall of flags at least three times a day and get stared at every single time.
2. You know what the BA building stands for.
1. You know what a wolverine is. and how to spell it.

I love college and this new part of my life :)

Another story from Public Transportation

Yes, I am still riding the bus. I like it. I like having an hour to read my text books or the newspaper. I like having time to be productive. I also like not having people flip me off because i'm driving  mph in the construction zones. PEOPLE...that is the speed limit and i can not afford a ticket. Also, i have a new fear of crashing my car. The less i drive it, the less likely that is. Don't worry, in four years when it's paid off, i'll drive again.
ANYWAYS...so the bus today was an adventure.
I should have know it would be when i miss EVERY SINGLE STOPLIGHT on the way to the station.
or when i had to pull over for the firetruck and ambulance.
maybe i could have gotten the hint when i made it to the stop and the bus was already leaving. but no...i am persistant. I decided to drive a bit of the route and catch up with the bus.
when i got on i, as well as three others, had to stand. with a humungo backpack mind you. I felt so self concious. Then a couple people got off and i made it to a seat. i started reading my history book. SUDDENLY...a loud mouth lady gets on the phone and calls UTA to complain about the bus. While she's on it?! she was mad that people had to stand. she argued it was a health hazard...to stand? lady, that's why we have legs. she's all loud an complaining for like fifteen minutes.  it was awkward for us all. then some kids get on the bus. they're talking and the same loud mouth lady shouts to them..."NO SWEARING" super loud. everyone just looks around. they weren't swearing. haha
then some other girl runs up to the front of the bus and grabs the trash can. bus sickness. great.
she needs a seat, so a kid beside me gives her his seat. the whole time i'm picturing her throwing up on me. ya, i know....i'm the worst. then the loud mouth lady yells to the bus driver "bus driver, there are some kids swearing back here." he pulls the bus over and scolds the boys. i still haven't heard a swear word. then we get to school. thank goodness! i'm praying for a less active ride home.

in other news...something weird is happening to me. I'm sick. not like a cold...but i can't eat anything. I'm hungry, then i go to eat and gag and get sick. (no i'm not preggo. i haven't even kissed a boy in 11 months.) i'm just sick. i haven't "eaten" since monday night. i've just had lots of water! and some soup broth. but i'm not complaining...Maybe i'll have a reverse freshman fifteen. that'd be great.

in other other news. i have a date on saturday. i'm excited. maybe i'm not as pathetic as i think.

13 September 2011

Pictures from the Weekend






This weekend was an....adventurous one. to say the least.
picture one is patrick all lookin spiffy for...Homecoming! seriously...I can NOT believe he's old enough to go on dates. and smooch. I still feel like he's the little guy i have to protect and look out for, obviously that's not the case. he is a stud and i am SO lucky to be such great friends with him.
picture two is an on going adventure. i bought a bunch of "different" clothing at the DI and some estate sales...now i'm trying to put outfits together. my mom and i worked on a long blue pleated skirt i got for...4 bucks! we were trying to pair it with different tops and belts to make it look cute. as i said, it's on going, but i loving the adventure. i think i found a new hobby :)
pictures 3 4 and 5 are from an adventure patty and i took sunday afternoon. it was 9/11 and we heard about a memorial by south towne mall. i decided i wanted to go pay my respects to those lost lives and so we trekked out there. it was amazing. probably one of the coolest things i've ever seen. there was a flag in honor of every single life lost because of the terrorist attacks on that day. each flag had a name and a bio tied to it. there were people reading the names of all those that died and there were utah flags in honor of the service men and women lost from utah in the war on terror. I was so glad i was able to honor those lives and i pray their families will find strength in Him. it was a very neat experience.

i also had a very interesting day at church and after on sunday...talk about a blast from the past :)

11 September 2011

I love America

Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
I was only in third grade, but I remember. I remember waking up and seeing my mom watching the tv. She was very upset, but I couldn't understand why. I was off track so my mom was supposed to take me to daycare. We got there and she talked to my teacher and decided to take us back home. I was upset that I didn't get to stay and play with ashlee and cody. I remember going home and staying there for the day. In the days that followed I remember seeing flags up at every home and seeing my dad cry. I remember watching women on the tv taking off their heels and running. I remember the planes that hit the towers.
It's one of the only things I remember from third grade, and one of my earliest memories. Now I understand why mom decided not to leave us at daycare. I understand why dad was crying and why all the flags were up. I understand why the women left their shoes on the ground. I understand what happened that day.
I love america. I am so grateful to be an american and am so grateful for all of those that protect us and keep us safe. The world was changed that day, and I will never forget why.

09 September 2011

Ye HA!

Happy Friday...You know what that means...DATE NIGHT! haha unfortunately I haven't made many friends yet in school and my other friends are away so here I am another Friday night, here. Luckily my parents are the greatest ever and let me tag along on their dates nights. yesss I am a loser, but it's great bonding for the three of us. And soon cam will be back and I won't be a loser. Or maybe i'll meet some nice guys at college that will want to take me on a date. MAYBE.
 For date night tonight my parents and I went to none other that the Utah State Fair. classy.
It was my first utah-state-fair-experience. and it was an interesting one...to say the least.
a REAL live cow

the cow building!
At the fair...
i pet goats for the first time.
i saw a cow being milked in real life...for the first time.
i had kettle corn with my parents.
i convinced my mom to buy a bottle of honey that was taken from the bees just 2 days ago!
i had my first fair corn dog. 6.50 for that sucker. rip off.
i saw a 900 lb pumpkin. epic.
i got excited to wear my boots, which are MUCH cuter than anything i saw tonight.
i laughed with my parents.
i lost to my mom at a carni game booth. also a rip off.
i had a great time with my parents :)

you know what this means

pumpkin season...eek! :)
The fair was interesting, but most definitely a success. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I may have an asthma attack from all the animals I pet, but it was worth it.

08 September 2011

PS...top ten thursdays: the meanest things I would never really do

okay real quick...here's some mean things I think would be great, but i would never EVER ever do. it is just a topic...thanks to ash :)
here goes:

10. put gum in someone's hair.
9. cut someones hair. just cut a BIG chunk out. that would be funny.
8. toilet paper someone...oh wait brennan would know how good I am at that.
7. drive over those tire spikes. just once. it'd be fun.
6. break glass. just hit it with a bat or something. i've always wanted to try it.
5. and punch a wall. I wonder if I could make a hole. i've never tried, incase i could.
4. make someone clean patrick's room. now THAT would be mean.
3. slap some one. with a fish. okay this sounds physco, but I heard the funniest story on the news about a neighbor who went around slapping his neighbors with fish. who does that? how funny is that? you tube it. its funny.
2. nicmo. is that really mean? i don't think so.
1. what is the meanest thing I could ever do? i really don't think im that mean, so i don't know. the fish thing is top on my list i think. i'll stick to that.

Okay this weeks top ten was lame, at least I was lame. check out my friend's and hope they did a better job than me.

Provo, Utah

For those of you who know me well, you most definitely know this is one of my all time favorite youtube videos...this and the bed intruded song. I love them! and the girl that showed them to me...the provo girl herself and I hung out tonight! At her apartment! it was the best. Here's our night..
i get out of class at 6:45.
i walk outside and watch the parking lot shuttle pull away.
i decide to walk to the next shuttle.
i see kjeld and i chat with him.
i miss the shuttle again.
i call chel and get on the shuttle.
i drive to chel's apartment....REUNITED!! haha okay okay. that sounds so creepy, but I got to see my friend again :) i was happy. she made us her speciality chicken and grape and apple and celery salads.(healthy...) and gave me the tour of her little home. it is a happy place :) then we treked around provo to find a yogurt-land-type joint. our favorite. And we chatted and laughed about the awesome culture that is...provo. (that video i posted sure describes it well) it is such a different place. EVERYONE runs there. like seriously....everyone! i felt like i was going to run over someone! and there are lots of people on dating or trying to court one another. seriously you would have thought it was a friday date night, but no, just an average day in provo. It is a great place though. very happy and safe. I love happy valley in general, provo is just the creme de la creme. unfortunately chel and i were on a date with each other. i even paid for the yogurt (i hate being the man) and im pretty sure the cashier was creeped out when chel told her we were together. we will never live the "life partners" title down...
haha anyways...i had a great night with chel in good ol provo! here's to many more to come :)

04 September 2011

A Saturday Cure

My dad's first time golfing. he looks rather chipper wouldn't you say?

I got to drive the cart!

what a BEAUTIFUL day
Me and ash drinking our swiss chocolate drinks at swiss days!

yesterday was JUST the day I needed. i've been missing my friends sooooooooo much since they left me and i was so happy for them to come home!
when i woke up in the morning my dad asked if i wanted to go golfing with him. UHH YEAH!
it was basically the most perfect day for golfing ever.
not like those days back in feb. and mar. that me and shandy had to practice in...
we first each hit a bucket of balls then headed out to the real stuff.
we went my favorite course ever...fore lakes. it is such a great place for beginners, like dad and me.
then we played.
i wrecked him.
not really, but i did win :)
we had so much fun together! i loveeee my dad

then we got home and ashlee called...
i ended up going to swiss days with her family. random? yes.
fun? super yes!
we saw lots of cute crafts for homes and me and ash we drooling about how we want our apartments with our hubbys to look like.
that led us to make this...

we saw these all made and cute at swiss days. so we wanted to make them! we each bought a picture of the temple (2 bucks) then went to home dept. when we got back to dub-j.
we picked out the perfect size block and had a super nice man saw it down for us.
then judy (ash's mom) painted the blocks while we ate din din.
then we just modge-podged the temple on to the black block and...ta-da! swiss days craft for oh...3.50! take that expensive both that wanted a fortune for that sucker.

then we had a fire with cammel and chel. it was such a good way to wrap up the day! we all shared our 1st week college adventures and laughed at the crazy people we've met.
i love those girls.

i made 2 other crafts this weekend.
here's one.

Jones soda vase! (1.29)

and the other one will be posted another time. but it is super cute! i am going to have a cute, cheap apartment one day! i can't wait :)
happy labor day weekend to all! more fun to come :)

02 September 2011

You know it's a good day when...

you keep on the first outfit you tried on for the day.
you discover a new way to get to work...without tons of traffic.
you get a nice big project to work on at work. job security.
you get to go to TWO meetings in one day. the people i work with are so funny.
you're planning how to dress on "dress like a pirate day at work" with your boss.
you have a yummy sandwich for lunch.
you listen to your ipod in your new car on the way home from work.
your mom and dad take you on their date.
you get to have the best macaroni and cheese ever. for dinner.
you get to take pictures with your parents in sunflowers while the sun sets behind you.
you go to macey's and buy a jones soda to have a vase for your sunflowers.
you know that you are loved.

today was a good day.

picking my sunflowers

such a beautiful place

date night

01 September 2011

Top Ten Thursdays: Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments

well here goes nothing...

10. Ripping the crotch in my favorite pants in front of shandy and chelsea in the library.
9. every single time I step in that stupid tar in the church parking lot with my heels. so embarrassing.
8. my first ever kiss-door step scene. I was kissing this boy and we were an awkward distance apart, so I stepped in closer, but I stepped in too close. i kind of just fell on him.
7. trying out for concert choir back in my junior year of high school in front of lots of the madrigals. fun. i suck.
6. having to walk down the stupid stairs during jr. prom for promanade. with everyone watching me in my stupid pink dress.
5. having my brother tell me i have a mustache. don't worry. i waxed.
4. not getting asked to roller skate in every snowball at classic skating. i hate that place.
3. ALMOST getting caught _____ with my friends.
2. bleeding through my graduation dress during the graduation exercises. good things I have amazing friends who stand behind be. literally.
1. tripping up the stairs at school durning class change at WJHS...on my birthday. my 18th birthday. in front of mrs. demaro. she didn't help me. happy birthday to me. haha

that's most of them!
Happy September! happy-almost-fall. bring on the fall clothes!!!