31 August 2011

a Tid-Bit i forgot to share about the Public Bus

the public bus.

it is truly something i have experienced...however for multiple reasons including the preservation of my new beloved car, i'll be riding it for a while. my first day's bus ride goes as follows:

My dad and I planned out my whole route the night before school. I planned out what time I would leave the house, what time I would get to the station, and the route I would take to the station. I had my route 811 map handy and I was ready to go. (but most definitely nervous) When I woke up the morning of...my first day of college, my dad offered to ride over to the bus station with me to make sure I got there okay. (isn't he the greatest? answer. yes.) so we rode over so the sandy station. I saw a group of adults with backpacks on and my dad and I headed their direction. I tested out my student id/bus pass on a tap on-off machine outside the train, and with the confirmation that it was indeed working, my dad left me to get on trax.
my bus was about five minutes late.
not a big deal, but when you are standing around, with a bunch of strangers...it becomes a big deal.

I got to orem with plenty of time to spare.
then i went to classes. my last professor let us out of class about ten minutes early, so i decided to high tail it to the bus stop to make the 6:44 bus instead of the 7:05 bus i'll normally take.
You would not believe how fast my 33inch legs were moving...while looking at my watch. i guarantee people were frightened.
I made the bus.
BIG mistake.

This was the looney bus. no joke.
the bus was almost completely full, except for a couple seats in the front. I sat by a very, very old man. i'm talking like 82 to be exact. old.
across from us are the LOUDEST guys i've ever met. one has a i'm-traveling-the-world-as-a-free-spirit-back-packer-type-back-pack on. and the other has a harley t-shirt.
that was my first clue.
A lady with tattoos (relevant to the story) sits in the seat beside me with a white teenage Buddhist.
public transportation.

this odd group begins talking and of course, soon after they start ranting on about...mormons.
in utah county.
after talking about how stupid and weird they are the tattoo lady says she was kicked out of a mormon funeral because of her tattoo sleeve. this bugs the crap out of my so I roll my eyes and turn my head to the side to see a very nice looking, attractive man roll his eyes as well and smile at me. as the crazy people's mormon ranting continued the nice stranger and i continued rolling our eyes at their stupid comments and smiling at one another. they were so stupid. no joke.

then the tattoo lady and the Buddhist teenager get off. a drunk man stumbles on.
the drunk man catches his sleeve on a passenger's bike and starts a scene. he yells and cusses and starts fighting with the backpack man. the bus driver pulls the bus over and demands the drunk guys gets off the bus. he doesn't. the bus driver tells him multiple times to get off the bus and the drunk guys promises he'll "be good" the bus driver lets him stay on. he sits next to me, where tattoo lady once sat.
i'd rather have tattoo.
I make eye contact and exchange smiles with the nice stranger man again.

then the two loud mouths start talking about how cute my...FEET are. guess i shouldn't have worn sandals!
we make more stops and eventually the nice stranger gets off the bus. I look at him and he looks back. we make eye contact and both smile.
I made a friend on my first day. YAY!
too bad i never talked to him or learned his name.

I got off the bus. that was the adventure.
I guess it wasn't a small tid-bit like i said early, but it was an interesting experience.

oh ya, and the old man i sat next to, used to be a seminary teacher. he's now 82 and probably the cutest old thing i've ever seen.

the end.

30 August 2011

my FIRST day of college

things from today:

i met a super sweet lady on the bus.
the super cute lady asked me if i was married.
i learned that if i walk faster than the "chelsea pace" i can get to my classes with time to spare.
i learned that when i walk down hallways, people stare at me. why? i don't know.
i searched everywhere for a bathroom.
i eventually found one.
i have the greatest meteorology professor.
his name is Dr. Dinkledge.
i made it to the library.
i found a microwave...in the library! bring on the leftovers for lunch.
i have a pretty cool american government teacher...he's australian. go figure.
i look at my watch a lot.
i suck at choosing spots on the bus. (at least on the way home)
i get home around 8:30.

good first day at college.

first day of school!

I am an official wolverine. what ever that is :)

28 August 2011

Meet Figaro

He is soooo little

my new snuggle buddy

Figaro: The newest member of the Stober family...and quite possibly, the cutest :)

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had as good of a sunday as I did. I went to my home ward today to have my fantastic bishop give me a "start of school" blessing. It made me feel so much better. I feel like I will be able to balance school, work, family, and church better. I am so thankful for bishop. He and his family are such an example to me and there are always there for me. It is good to know you have support in lots of different aspects of your life. This week is going to be interesting. I start school on tuesday. (Deep breath) I am nervous, but thanks to my blessing I know this is going to be a great expirience for me.

Here goes nothing. Ready (or not) here I come.

PS. Hurricane Irene has left philly and virginia. Now to see what she left.

27 August 2011

Happy Saturday!

My m&m bars fresh out of the oven. What's that white stuff? oh, just sugar. I forgot to put it in when I was making the dough and didn't realize it until about 8 minutes in to the baking. SO...I just decided to to pour some on top. Haha

Just my studly brother...baking. Ya ladies, he's the whole package.

Me and Figaro's first encounter.

Today Patrick and I baked! We baked yummy M&M bars and bonded. He is such an awesome brother! Then...my parents came home with a little kitten. So so so cute! Is he a band-aid kitty? absolutely. but I am so in love. I love kitties and he is just so loving and little. He's too cute. After much diliberation we named him Figaro. I love my duffy and now I have a new friend to love.

Update: Philly should be getting hit...right about now. As well as virginia. I'm praying for all you east coasters that I love so much. Becareful whit and cam. I miss you both.

26 August 2011

Goodbye to a Friend

Wow. I've said goodbye to a lot of friends lately, but today was a bit different. Today my doggy, Duffy, was put to sleep. He had so many tumors and was in so much pain, I know it was the best thing for him, but it is so sad to not have him sitting by me in the living room. My mom is having the hardest time with his death, which is hard for me because I hate seeing her so sad. I've never had a dog or cat or anything besides fish die. It's so hard. We adopted duffy on the mother's day before I started kindergarten, how parallel is it that he died the friday before I start college. I've grown up with him. We use to play together in the back yard and walk to the park together. I use to ride in the back of the pick up truck with him and swim in lakes while fishing. He was the best dog a family could ask for. So kind and loving. He will always be remembered in the Stober home and forever loved. Thank you for everything duffers. You were the best.
I love you.

25 August 2011

Top Ten Thursdays!! The Top Ten Weirdest Things I Do...

This week I have decided to reveal somethings about me...These are the top ten weirdest things I do :)

10. I look at people's wedding pictures on Facebook.  A lot. even if I don't know them.
9. I wear non matching socks because it's easier to find the match.
8. I mess up my nail polish everytime I paint my nails...same with my makeup. everymorning I blink with wet eyeliner or I poke my eye with the mascara wand.
7. I clean my ears out with bobby pins. I want to make sure I don't have gross ears!
6. I microwave my ice cream. and string cheese sticks.
5. I use tanning lotion all the time. I'm a red head, what do you expect.
4. Um...commando.
3. I make my family or friends stand on my back almost everyday to pop it.
2. I smell my armpits durning the day to make sure I don't smell gross. haha I'm very proactive to make sure I always smell good.
1. I don't eat pieces of chicken or meat that have veins or gross blood in them. sick.

There are so many other weird things about me, but here's some of the weirdest

Just an update...The hurricane is headed right towards philly. Pray that everything turns out okay.

Oh and I got an email from my history professor today. I have an assignment to complete before class on tuesday. goodie.

24 August 2011

Picture Catch Up

I haven't blogged for a few days...So here's some pictures to fill you in on what I've been up to!

Making Pasta Primavera for Dinner

The Final Product!

First Time at the Cheesecake Factory.

Chinese Night!

Up Side Down...Putting the NEW License Plates on My Car :)

Okay okay...There are a lot of pictures of food in that little catch up. But basically that's what I've been up to these last couple days. I've been cooking dinner for the fam and eating it! Haha
Last night Chel and I had our last summer hoorah. She came to my house and we went to fashion place mall. Our intention was to stalk the hottie chel saw at the apple store the day before...some how, however, we both ended up with a new pair of boots! and a yummy dessert from the cheesecake factory. and not hottie hipster at the apple store. In my opinion, the boots and cheesecake are much better. We also met up with shand and austin for dessert. They are too funny! Then I said good bye to chel, my best friend and life partner:( Hopefully we can meet up down in utah county, but once again, things won't be the same.
I also said good bye to ash, my best friend of 12 years. that too was hard. I know I'll see these girls again, but I probably will never go sit on the board walk at day break lake or facebook stalk endless pictures with ash. and I sure won't ever say the phrase "my partner and I stand on the affirmative side of the resolution," with chel or spend hours walking around the school durning class.
I've had some amazing times with my best friends. I am so happy and excited to see where life takes them and I am super excited to see where life takes me, it's just hard to see life take us apart.
3 down. 1 to go.

One last thing. Hurrican Irene....Please be nice to philadelphia.

19 August 2011

Sappy Friday!

First off, happy weekend to all! Nothing is better than friday :) I love the weekends. Today was a great day!
Here's some pictures of the day:

My Ebay white watch!

My courageous outfit for today. Mustard top and violet jacket. Complete with belt. Very daring, for me.

My dead tree. Here's to the coming winter.

Okay...the top pictures are just me in the back yard trying to make my self feel good since I'm all alone on a friday night, while all my friends are either packing up their lives to move to college or hanging out with their boyfriends...My car though, this is a good picture. I was thinking today, once again, while I was all alone and sad...I was thinking that I will be making payments on this car for the next four years of my life. This is the car that I will drive to the airport when I go to see cameron again. This is the car we will drive around in when we are re-dating (seeing as his parents sold his car) This is the car we will drive away in with cans tied to the back and big painted letters that say "just married." This will be the car we park in the parking lot of our apartment. This will our car for atleast the next four years of our lives. This is our car. I am so excited to show cam our car :) Sappy? yes. But so exciting. I love that boy so much. I can't wait to see him again. Happy friday!

18 August 2011

Top Ten Thursdays!!! Things i'm attracted to about men :)

Happy top ten Thursday! This week is the top ten things i'm attracted to about the opposite sex, men.
Here goes: in no particular order, except the order I thought of it in :)
10. Brownness...I think it goes with out saying I love brown men. They are so handsome.
9. Brown eyes. they are so dark and pretty. love em!
8. STRAIGHT teeth. I love a guy that takes care of his teeth and his smile :) Whiteness is also a must :)
7. Calves. so attractive.
6. Hair style...I hate long hair. haha funny right?
5. Muscles. okay I'm a girl. of course I enjoy some nice arms or abs. I'm really not as conceded as you may think.
4. Humor. i love funny guys!!!
3. Chivalry. I love being taken care of. I love chivalry.
2. Intelligence. I need some on as smart as me, at least ;) haha
1. Butts. I love guy butts. They are so cute to look at and I love pinching them! Cam's butt is the greatest! I love him. Yes, he fits everyone of these...But the one that is most important to me that cam fits the best is spiritual. I love a guy that is willing to sacrifice and live his life in accordance with how heavenly father would want him to live. I love a guy that has standards and goals for his life. I love that Cameron left me to serve Him and that more than anything, cam wants to marry me in the temple. That is the best trait a man can have, luckily he's my man :)

Do they get more attractive? I think not :)

Happy Friday Eve!!

17 August 2011

My New Friend

This is my new best friend

 SO......I finally bought my car :) I've been saving all summer to get a nice down payment and I got approved for a loan (with zero credit, my intrest rate is so awful, haha) and I got it! He, yes my car is a he, is so cute! I love driving! My brakes don't squeak, my air conditioning works, my bass isn't blown, my gas guage works, and so on and so on. I am so happy! Will I be this happy when I make the first payment? Probably not, but this is part of adult life, which I have stepped into, so I am fully prepared to take on this new responsiblity! I am sooooo happy! I still need to name him, so if anyone has any ideas let me know. He is pretty much the coolest thing, ever. 25 mpg and 37 highway mpg...I think I am in love.

13 August 2011

Top Ten Thursdays!!! Restaurants

Okay okay...doing this consistently on Thursdays is..hard. But I'm at least making it happen once a week. This Thursday though, I have a good excuse for not doing it. I was at girl's camp! and my laptop couldn't come :( Camie did hers on fast food, and since I'm not big on fast food, I'll do restaurants in general... SO:
10. Wendy's. I love chicken nuggets. so bad...but so good.
9. Village inn. I have so many memories with friends there. it feels like home. haha
8. Kneaders. again lots of memories with friends for lunch time live there.
7. Taco Stands in midvale. Michael and I use to go there before he left me for the air force. I loved it.
6. Carl's Jr. one word. Shakes.
5. Chilis.
4. Gandolfos. Patty makes me the best sandwiches. ever.
3. subway. okay it's cheaper than gandy's.
2. Sweet tomatoes. Family tradition.
1. Yogurt Land. My new favorite place :)

And there you have it. Happy week!

09 August 2011

Time to Grow Up...Or...At least Start

so my parents have this crazy idea that I need to learn to cook. ya..me. they keep telling me cameron won't marry me unless I can cook more than scrambled eggs. (oh ya, they love cam. they know we're getting married, it's cool.) So in order to help me "learn" to cook they decided that when my mom is out of town on business I have to cook dinner. haha ya. so tonight I did! haha I made pizza skillet, a family favorite.
My Pizza Skillet Cooking Away

My Finished Project!

It wasn't too hard to make dinner, it's just weird I'm learning all these family reciepes so that when I have a family i'll have things to cook. WEIRD! haha but, not to brag, I did a pretty dang good job on dinner :) I bet cameron would marry me now...haha

08 August 2011

His Strength

So today was a rough day. Not necessarily for me, but for the country. The stock market had a really awful day...again. so many bad things have occurred over the last week in the market and honestly, it scares me. I worry so much about what would happen if my parents lost their jobs or I lost mine. Or how on earth our country will ever get out of debt. we owe 14 trillion dollars, how will things ever be okay? I am very interested in government and politics, but not impressed. I am scared. I was thinking about this a lot tonight and watching news videos about how bad things really are...and then I thought how lucky I am to be a member of the church. to know that it will all be okay. this is just a sign of the time. One day He will come back and I will stand with him and politics and economics and bad stock market days won't matter. it will just be something that needed to happen for Him to come again. I love my savior and I love my heavenly father. I love the peace they bring to me when I am so worried and stressed out about things I will never be able to change. Not even the president can change them, so why should I worry. I know that no matter what, through the good times and the bad, He will be there for me, to lift me up and give me the strength I need to not be afraid. I love the gospel and know it is true. I am so grateful for the life I have and for Him, in my life. I can be as afraid as I want and worry about the world, but I know there is something much greater out there and everything will work out.

07 August 2011

Weekend Adventures

I love weekends!
 so VERY much. This weekend was no exception. It started out good Friday night. My parents and I went to dinner at California pizza kitchen and then when to Lowes. yes...I was the third wheel on my parents' date night. pathetic? yes. however, it was fun. someday, I won't have to be the third wheel anymore. haha...
 Anyways...Saturday I slept in until 11 and then woke up and renovated my room. I got rid of tons of crap and moved everything around for my fast-coming college needs. My room feels much more ready to handle lots of studying and late nights. I also went to the DI and had the best shopping trip ever! I've been reading this way cute blog called "the daybook" where this girl dresses SUPER cute and then posts where she gets her clothes everyday. She is LDS, so she's modest and has Mormon humor. Basically, she's the person I want to be in like 4 years..but anyways, I went the the DI and found super cute "thrifted" clothes. I spent 32 bucks and got 2 skirts 4 shirts 2 jackets and 2 ties. (the ties aren't for me) but it was the best! I am so excited to sport my new outfits.
 Then last night Shand Camie and I went to daybreak at like 10pm and just talked on a dock. it was so great. We always have such a great time. We basically just spent the whole night talking. It was the best.
Today the three of us hit up the singles ward together and had a great day at church! I love weekends.

AND to top it off...I'm watching the Titanic now :) I love my life.
Oh yeah, and I tried the Sydney bun today in my hair. Here is the result. Not bad for a first timer...

My Sydney bun and my thirfted blouse/sweater

Take 2

Here here cameron. haha

05 August 2011

Say Cheese

Hawaii 2011 (Feb)

Hawaii (feb)

MY love.

I just love pictures. I love pictures that I have taken, others have taken, have yet to be taken...There is so much to be said from a moment caught in time. I love it. I can't wait to take fun photography classes in college and learn how to take good pictures! For now, i'll have to enjoy the magic of picnik and pretend I know what i'm doing. Haha :)

Oh...some awesome news...My family is going to MAUI for thanksgiving. Can you say gobble gobble, ALOHA??? I am basically too excited for words. Guess i'll have to practice taking pictures again ;)

04 August 2011

Top Ten Thursdays!! This Week: Tastes

Okay okay...so today is the first official day of Top Ten Thursdays seeing as I haven't actually blogged these lists on a thursday...yet. So be excited. I am.
This week's topic is Taste, as chosen by Camie...
Here Goes.

10.Ocean Salt Water....as sickening as it sounds, I love the taste of the ocean, because I love being in or near the ocean. I love how when you stop swimming in it you can still taste it on your lips. it's neat.
9.raspberries. one of the only fruit I actually enjoy eating.
7.Mint chocolate ice cream gum. so great.
6.Mint lip gloss from victoria's secret. I used to buy it just to lick it off my own lips. lame.
5.water. Seriously my favorite drink of all time.
4.Toothpaste. I love having a clean mouth and clean teeth.
3.my shakes. as much crap as I get for drinking them, they are sooo good!
2.the taste of kissing after you both drank a huge cup of cold water. nothing like it. soooo good.
1.cameron. haha no I am not a creep. he tastes good.

hawaiian beach. tastes good. haha

Next week I choose our top ten topic...hopefully durning the week I'll have some sort of inspiration come to me!

03 August 2011

Our Last Girl's Night

So last night was offically our last girl's night ever, before everyone goes to college in a couple weeks. Talk about depressing. The more I think about it, the more I dread it. I couldn't wait to graduate and be done with school, but I don't want to start college either. I just want to live in this moment, now...and last night, that's what we did.
 As tradition goes, we sleep over at lexi's house. My friend tori and I headed over around eight, as we were told to do...but only lexi's mom was there. So we met lex, ashlee, and carli at maceys and "stalked" the "stalkers" supposedly the girls just wanted ice cream, but when josh and preston are working, you know they don't just want ice cream. Such a girl thing to do :) we are totally creepy. Anyways...then we headed over to lexi's and just talked. I love just being so close to people that you can just tell them anything. We laughed and laughed and just got to catch up on one another lives, and yes, one another's love life. Randomly we decided we wanted feathers for our hair so we drove to walmart of course. however, walmart didn't have any feathers. the trip wasn't completely wasted though. me shand and tori started planking in random places and then we all started planking. Okay, seriously, planking is the funniest thing ever. We got on shelves, carts, cars, and camie even got on top of vending machines...ya, intense. It was awesome and we got some great pictures. Then we went planking on a bridge over the jordan river...in the dark...at 12 something at night. very horry-movish. to top it off, we heard a rattle snake in the bushes. needless to say I booked it back to the car. we went back to lex's and yes...the night got interesting. We checked a couple items off of our friend bucketlist and had some awesome adventures in the rain ;) it was awesome! It was a great way to end our summer and quite possibly, our friend ships. From here on, we all understand, nothing will ever be the same. Everyone is going to a different college. Everyone but me and shand are moving and starting a new life away from west jordan...and while I envy them, I know this where I need to be. I need to finish school as quickly as possible and have a very steady and stable job for cam. But I am going to miss my friends more than I could ever explain. they have been my life line these past three years. every moment with them is beyond words and just fun. we have spent the last 3, 6, and 12 years together and not seeing them everyday is going to be hard. Watching each of us go our seperate ways and become who we are supposed to be is killer. They are my family. I have had the best summer with them and the best growing up. I couldn't be luckier and I wish them all the best in all they do. Sometimes, there are people you can't live with out, but you have to let go. and as hard as it is, I am excited for this new chapter in all of our lives.