28 February 2012


I came home from college today and decided to work out in my sports bra and listen to
madonna way too loudly.

I'm really cool these days.

If You Just Can't Get Enough of ME


This is the link to my highly opinionated political blog. If you are interested in that kind of stuff or are just browsing my blog...check it out. I love politics, but didn't feel right flooding this sweet blog with my controversial opinions.

*Be warned...these are my opinions and they are not sugar coated. I am a Republican and if that's not your cup of tea, you may want to skip my new bloggy. However, if you dare, I would love hearing different views and ideas. I'm a bi-partisan politian (aren't they all) or atleast will claim to be if it means you'll read my thoughts.

That is all.

27 February 2012

Those Pants (Cameron Style)

See those pants that Cameron is sporting? Today he informed me that when he tried those pants on the other day they didn't fit. He is upset...Secretly, I am ecstatic.
The whole time he has been gone I have been wishing he would gain like 20 or 30 pounds. He could use it :)

Looks like things are going my way.

25 February 2012

Email Dates

Once in a blue moon cameron and I get to have an email date.
An email date consists of me pressing the refresh button on my computer all day until cam finally emails "I'm on." Then we get to have forty five minutes of emailing back and forth. We mostly talk about how much we can't wait for october and how much we love another, but occasionally we talk politics, family, work, investigators, ect...
These dates are the best. I NEVER appreciated conversations with him like I do now. I would give anything to talk to him face to face while cuddling on the couch. anything... but these mornings where we can email back and  forth and tease one another are a pretty good substitute. I love that boy.

"I wish we could do this all the time too! I love you too sweetie. Don't ever change your mind ok?
 I'm cheered up now :-) I got to talk to you :-):-) I sure love you pretty girl :-) And mothers day will be here quick! And October right after :-)

Love you too baby! :-)"

He has a thing for smiley faces and sure knows how to make me feel special.
I love (elder) Cameron Trujillo.

21 February 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things From Today

My new AUTOGRAPHED No Apology book by mr. Mitt Romney. Thank you Mr & Mrs Ulch. As if you weren't already some of my favorite people ever.
My slimfast shake and calcium chew in the morning.
My new olive green capris...now the trick, figure out what to wear them with.
My email date with Cameron today. An actual conversation. It was so nice.
My growing hair. It's getting longer and I'm pleased.
My sweet brother who got me chapstick because my lips were hurting and who watches Glee with me on lazy afternoons. Seriously, I have the best brother.
My flash cards. Here I come bio exam.
My trip to the DI...I went to the mall to buy new pants (that actually fit) but could not bring myself to spend 60 bucks on one pair of pants. I retreated and some how ended up at the DI. I never got my pants...but I did get some cute, cheap shorts. I am such a tight wad, I know.

...and later tonight, turkey chili (thank you chel) and the biggest loser. Two more of my favorite things to end an excellent day.

20 February 2012

This One's For Lex

As the cliche quote that fits this situation most perfectly goes "No one ever said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it."
Lex, some days will be hard. But I'm not going to dwell on that. It will be worth it. I can promise you that.
There is no feeling like the one that accompanies a letter in the mail box. Or better yet, an envelope full of pictures. There is nothing like knowing the man you love more than anything and want to spend forever with is changing people's lives. People will tell you that you can't. They will insist that he will change and will remind you that two years is a long time (as if we could forget). They will be negative, but they will never have the experiences you and josh will have. They will never have the kind of love that comes from being apart or the appreciation a simple letter teaches. They will never be challenged in the way that you will be, and they will never have the blessings that come from those challenges. Lex, I promise you waiting will be worth it. I will be here for you every step of the way, as will Josh, your family, and of course, our savior.
True love is when two people put God before themselves. It is without a doubt the greatest sacrifice I have made thus far in my life, but I am so blessed and so loved because of it.
Remember how blessed you are to have a love worth missing. I love you girl and I know you can do this.

18 February 2012

Moving on Up

My parents signed on a home today and it's the most beautiful home I've ever seen.
Front porch, formal dining, a study...the best part? My walk in closet.
I'm in love.
It'll be finished in august and we can't wait.

Haha too bad I'll only live in it for a few months.

16 February 2012

Things From Today: Awkward & Awesome

Okay okay....I am do a copy-cat type post. But this isn't going to become a normal thing. I promise. I feel like this is just the best way to describe today. It was an Awkward & Awesome day.

 - Walking up the stairs to class with a v-neck shirt that maybe was a little too deep and having the man coming down look at me then fall down the stairs. Keep walking keep walking...and pull up your shirt.
- Having you professor call on you to answer the quiz question. "Um...." "We just talked about this." "I wasn't paying attention." Well now the class full of debate nerds and hot guys that care about politics thinks your an idiot. cool.
- Going to a global warming forum for extra credit. Oh, it's in spanish. Didn't know until I got there, but I couldn't just leave....
- Having to suddenly laugh durning the forum when everyone else starts so you look like you know what the heck the professor is saying...in spanish.
- Having my right ear clogged all day and a swollen tonsil. I'm a beaut.

- The nice man who gave me his seat on the shuttle. Chivalry is still alive and well on shuttles and buses and I love it.
- Meeting a girl in geology who loves slim fast shakes like I do. Instant friend.
- The cute runner boy in poly sci. History major and RM. oh please cameron, come home soon!
- Trying on swimsuits. Not to buy, just to try
- My new champagne pink nail polish
- Having no school again until next thursday

Happy Thurday! One more day 'til the weekend, things are looking great.

V-Day Photos

I took some {posed} pictures for cameron to send with his valentine's package.
The great thing about having a missionary? You can pick and choose what pictures he sees of you.

These are the pictures he saw.

14 February 2012

Valentine Love

His Tag

and Beautiful Flowers

He is across the country....yet he still manages to send me flowers. Impressive? Very. He is the best and I am so very blessed to have his love. In the three valentines we have known one another he has gotten me flowers every year. Mind you he's been gone for two. A boy that gets you flowers? Marry him. That's what I'm going to do.

Happy Valentine's Cameron. I can't wait to spend it with you next year...Infact, I can't wait for every day with you.

I love you. Love, me.

12 February 2012

Pictures from Today 2/12/2012

Baby Amelia came to visit. She is the sweetest little thing and so cuddly.

So......my parents found a house plan they love. We found it yesterday and my dad took us back to look at it (again) and take pictures. They are in love and I am excited. I'll keep you posted on building updates ;) But look out Herriman...the Stober's are coming
Valentine's came early. That boy spoils me. This is the third year he has gotten me flowers for v-day and he's been gone for 2 of those 3 years :) He is such a great man. I am so blessed and spoiled!

I created this little side  by side. The left one was taken today...the right one was taken on New Year's Eve. Call me crazy, but the left one looks rather different from the the right one. Look at my face. See the difference? Ahhhh I love this!

Happy February!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy birthday to a marathon runner

A goofy man always willing to take a dumb picture

to the man that hates camping and fishing, but is always willing to sacrfice for his family

for the man that takes spur of the moment trips with me

to the man that loves my mom more than anything.

Happy birthday to the man who has taught me about politics, the economy, work ethic, and grammar.
To the man that loves his family more than anything and would do anything for them.
To the man that works incredibly hard to provide and spoil.
Happy birthday to the best man I know.

11 February 2012

As of Today

As of today I have officially lost twenty-five pounds. I've made it half way to my goal and couldn't be happier.

09 February 2012

We Love Snuggling

Cloudy days and snuggly kittens make for a good excuse to lay in bed and watch teenage dramas after school.

spot the kitten

we love cuddling

07 February 2012

Because Some Days are Still Hard

I have a major case of IBS right now.

For those of you who don't know, IBS is a term used by MG's (missionary girlfriends) that stands for Imaginary Boyfriend Syndrome. Laugh all you want, but I promise you this is a real feeling and really sucks. Throughout waiting there are ups and downs...anyone could guess that. But IBS is worse. I can't describe it, but I'm so sad and so angry. I bawled this afternoon. I needed to. I write to this boy each week and get letters from him, but I don't remember what his hugs feel like. I don't remember how it feels to have him look me in the eyes. I don't even remember how it feels to talk to him face to face. I am so jealous that I have no one to take me on dates and tell me I look pretty. I have no one to text me in the morning and remind me that things will get better. That "no one" is across the country and can't even know that I am so sad, because he needs to focus. 16 months in...you think I'd be fine, but some days are still hard.
Yes, I am being whiny and pathetic today. But it's that kind of day.

I'm Going to Get Political Up in Here

 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
-The Constitution of the United States of America - The 1st Amendment

Tell me that the mandate within Obama Care forcing Catholics to go against their core values and provide abortions in their charitable hospitals does not go against "the free exercise thereof." Just try.

The government has no place telling a religious organization they must provide abortions.

I hate our president. 

04 February 2012

A weekend well spent

We went and got frozen yogurt!
Sara and Ashlee's cute bums at the airport

She took pictures of herself. Vain? Yes.

We were so excited to see them!

for real.

Still excited!

Janna taught me to make bread!

Abby took pictures of us snuggling on the couch
We were talking about mustaches...so we needed a picture

Sara, Ash, and I spent friday night catching up over yogurt and hanging out with all the cool kids at the airport. We weren't waiting for anyone in particular, but had so much fun holding our signs and making conversation with airport staff. On the way home we sang a medley of songs rather loudly from the Joe-Bro's, R-kelley, and Will Smith. Classic.

On saturday I met up with the gilr's (sara and ash) again to head over to allie's baby shower. It was the CUTEST baby shower I've ever seen and it was so great to talk to allie. She is doing so well and I could not be happier for her!

Then I headed over to Janna and Ann's house and learned how to make home made bread!!! I (before today) had never had home made bread strait from the oven. Janna was determined to change that. We made three different kinds of bread and I had so much fun!!

To end the night, after a superb dinner with my momma and dad I headed over to Crys' house and hung out with miss abby! We colored, slid around in our socks, watched AFV, made popcorn, and took way too many goofy pictures. We had a great saturday night!

And that folks...is my weekend. So far. Tomorrow I get to meet my primary class and listen to my family scream at the tv as they watch the superbowl :) Cheers to the weekend!

01 February 2012

And You Thought You Had It Rough

...I haven't kissed a boy in 16 months. See, now all your problems seem minute.

I better get one darn good kiss in october.