28 June 2012


You know that great song, Say? The one that goes "say what you need to say?"

Well, here's what I need to say:

- UTA buses really need to look before they just pull out. Honestly, I almost died on the way to work.
- I like to stay up late, but hate getting up early and really hate that I repeat my bad habit every night
- Obamacare. I'm not even going to talk about this right now. I'll visit my political blog this weekend and really let my feelings known. As for now, I'm pissed. Seriously pissed off.
- Day one. Job one. Repeal. (okay...I'll stop).
- Menchies will never get old. Neither will the melted peanut butter.
- I haven't run since saturday, and oddly, I'm okay with that.
- I miss cameron. It's been a stressful few weeks and I just want someone to cuddle with and some one to tell me it'll all be okay.
- At the same time, I am getting really scared about his return. What if? That's all I can think about.....
- I hate obama (I had to do that one).
- Our house went up for sale today. Signs and everything. I guess this is real.
- Instagram is the best. That and pinterest.
- I don't get fireworks. At all. Colorado, Arizona, and Utah are literally burning down and idiot people still want to buy a bunch of fireworks? Are you seriously. Props to you Herbie, for outlawing fireworks outside of our cities. We can't afford to let our state burn down.
- 117 days
- 131 days
- October 20 - SOJO half marathon
- November 9-10 - Vegas Ragnar
- I'm kind of craving a twitter...just to follow political figures and fox news contributors. Is that completely lame?
- I really need to wash my car. Really.
- Speaking of cars...I've almost had mine for a whole year. 12 payments. Best thing I ever bought. I am so proud of that purchase and how hard I work each day to make my payments. That, right there, is my piece of adulthood.
- I am the worst nail painter...ever
- Mona on saturday? Can you say road trip?!
- Olympics.......
- Just one more.....In order to repeal Obama care we have to get rid of Obama. Sounds good to me.

27 June 2012

How Ironic!

Remember this?

Well, just to clarify, before I continue: I am a rebuplican and disagree with just about everything occupy stood for. So this isn't a "bash wall street post" quite the opposite, actually.
I have found the solution to the hipster "I hate corporations" ideaogoy. These protesters were upset that there are people in America who have "done better" than them (because money is all that matters in life, right? ha) so they protested on wall street - the money capital of the world, in many senses.
Maybe, however, instead of bringing down the rich, they should work to join them.
I found this article today and seriously laughed out loud. 
Stocks for hipsters - what an oxymoron. And yet, perhaps it isn't so crazy that they shoud invest in the products that they (the hipsters) consume the more than any other group.

Oh the irony.

PS. these pictures were from bing, I do not own any of them.

26 June 2012

Happiness Is...

Okay, today I am doing a 'Sara' post. If you don't know sara you should know she is a lovely friend of mine who took a challenge this year to keep a "happiness journal" or something to that extent. Sara took it one step further and created a happiness blog. Please, check her out here. She is one of the coolest girls you will ever meet and a great friend.

Anyways, today was a great day, but I couldn't really figure out why it was. It was made up of a bunch of great small things. Thus, the idea for a 'sara' post.

Happiness is....

Patrick calling me KayKay
Janna & Amanda talking to me about weddings. Ah....sigh
Daddy-daughter yogurt land dates
Desert before dinner
Singing the "amanda"song to amanda as I walked past her desk
Cameron calling me "love" in my last letter
Awkwardly wearing the same shirt as the man I rode the elevator up with this morning. It was great.
Yummy bread
New carpet. It feels so nice on my feet-ys
Another massive project at work done and gone today
Two words: sassy pants
Voting for Mitt today in the primaries
Finishing an amazing book last night. "have a little faith," by mitch albulm. Go get it. Now.
Less than four months until the big arrival
Figgy meowing at the birdies out side
Watching a movie with my pops

I am one that believes a simple life is a beautiful life. I seriously had a great day, just because simple things made me so happy. I am so blessed to be where I am in life.

25 June 2012


I stayed up way too late last night watching men's olympic diving trials. mmmm thank you olympics. I sure am looking forward to all the men I get to enjoy staring at in five weeks.

I regretted staying up so late as I snoozed my alarm for the fourth time this morning, but eventually I made it out of my bed.

I got an email from my love & spent most of the day in my mind, thinking of him. nothing new.

Janna and I rocked the production room today. We got major projects done and out. Just the two of us, with a wee bit of help from Kristin and Kenton. I am proud of our little team.

Also, Janna may have convinced me to watch an episode of Duck Dynasty. Rich rednecks...sounds promising.

I stopped at Macey's and picked up granola for din din. The cashier asked me if I was doing anything tonight. "Eating my granola & visiting teaching. thanks, bye." Evidently the ring means nothing.

Visiting teaching was a blast. Who knew? I have a fabulous partner and got to talk to some great ladies tonight. Also, I got to play with doggies. Okay cameron, you win, we can get a dog. I forgot how much I loved them. Two conditions: it has to be from the animal shelter & it can't sleep on our bed. deal?

Now I am off to bed. I have to wake early tomorrow to run then head to the primaries to vote for Mitt. Oh and a bunch of other great people.

Speaking of which, have I told you about my Mitt internship? I'll save that for another rambling post. It's worth the wait.

Happy monday lovelies.

24 June 2012

Watch Out World

After a mad craving I created a caramel infused hot chocolate that even starbucks would be proud of. Who doesn't crave hot chocolate on June 24th? 

20 June 2012


perhaps it's because I spent my friday night and saturday morning volunteering
or perhaps it's because I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
maybe it's because I want to drink a five hour energy drink and sleep in a van with stinky teammates
or maybe it's because I thought of the coolest team name ever
it could be because I need a vacation really badly (and this includes lots of road-tripping)
or it could be because I need a new medal and a ragnar shirt that fits....

I feel like it's a combination of all of these things, but...I'm really craving Ragnar. 
We missed out on Wasatch Back, but I can tell you folks, my team is doing Ragnar this November. 
We are going to run out hearts out & guess what, my boy friend is doing it with us.

A man that does Ragnar? Marry him. 
See you in November. 

17 June 2012


It's over. I made it through the week and it is all over.

Friday night patrick and I drove up to Hennifer to volunteer for Ragnar.
Just in case I never told you, I love running and LOVE ragnar. Sadly, because of a combination of factors, my team wasn't able to run Wasatch Back this year. I was craving ragnar. Darin, from work, asked me to be on his team a month or so ago, but that didn't work out, so I decided to volunteer for his team.
Our shift was from 11:30 to 4am. It was the best! We directed traffic and got to hangout with lots of insane runners. I talked to some of the crazies and got a way more compliments on my boots than I've ever have. I guess in the dark, after too much running, my boots look killer ;)
We danced to team's music and got free shirts. It smelled like ragnar and I was completely jealous.
SO...I am on a mission to put together a vegas team. My mom is on board, so I think we're set. The best part? Vegas ragnar is November 9 & 10. I'll have a boyfriend then. Guess who is going to run ragnar with my crazy team? I could not be happier. I feel like this will be the best test of our love ever. Sure, we can be apart for two years and still be in love....BUT, can we make it through ragnar without killing each other? I guess we'll find out. I am stoked!!

Patrick and I made it home around 5:15am on saturday and took a long summer's nap. Actually, we just went to bed and I could only sleep 5 hours, but that's basically the same thing right? For whatever reason I couldn't sleep so I went for a run and ended up running fivish miles and getting one heck of a sunburn. Oh yeah, it's summer and I have orange hair. I forgot how that works.

After my run I spent all day working on my father's day talk. seriously, all day. It was a ten minute talk that took me ten hours to write. I guess that's how it works. As nervous as I was though, I really enjoyed everything I learned about and read. I guess there really is no better way to learn than to have to teach. Let's just say, I am SO happy to have that over with. I am so grateful for all my friends in the ward. I kept focusing on friendly faces. Annie (probably the cutest girl in the world) saw me up on the stand and started sticking her tongue out at me. I looked around and stuck my tongue out at her. It's funny how the silliest things can calm your nerves.

As soon as I was done speaking I was instantly relieved and was able to enjoy the superb speakers afterwards, one of which included Brother Robertson. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that family? because I do. Every little family that makes up that family is special to me. He calmed my nerves prior to my talk and made me cry during his talk. After words he told me if he had a sign, he'd give me a ten. Then Borther Malonea (that's def. spelled wrong), who is also part of that amazing family, came up and gave me a hug. He told me I am progressing so well and that I did an awesome job. See how great these people are? I love them! My ward made me calm down and feel special. I love them so much.

Last night I went and saw Ann's play at the Murray Amphitheater, Joesph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. It was amazing. I love going to her shows. They are always so fun and done so well. I sat alone because I couldn't find my co-workers, but made some great friends sitting by me. One man's son played one of the servants. He was so proud of his son and kept telling me all about him. Fathers are cute. As I was sitting there I was thinking how ready I am to no longer be a loner at things or even better, a third wheel. Yes, I am much better at making friends with strangers, but I can't wait to have my cam man with me.

And now, here on sunday afternoon I am wasting time on the computer curled up on my bed, feeling a million times better than I did this past week. Hopefully my headache will go away and this week will be more enjoyable than all the stress of the past one.


I may or may not have listened to this song 20 something times since buying it yesterday.
I am so grateful for ipods and hipster bands.

15 June 2012


First off, I just want you all to know that I love this boy more than anything, so saying this is with the truest love I can offer...
But seriously, when did my hubs get so smart? 
He just throws out scriptures and facts like it's no one's business.

I have always been attracted to smarty men - as if I didn't like him before.
So uh, it can be october anytime now. I wouldn't mind. 
I love that boy.

12 June 2012


Sometimes I just have really stressful days. The combination of work, school, my looming talk, my shin splints, mean girls, finances, and my pounding head just make me want to cry. So I crawl in bed at 9:30, cuddle with missionary bear, and pray for a better day tomorrow. Tonight is definitely one of those sometimes.

11 June 2012

10 June 2012

A Summer Weekend in Pictures

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I love it. Haha
Just a Saturday night hike.
Moving day, part one. 
Sara takes pictures of us mid-laugh. I missed my life partner.
Mustache mugs!
My friend, Stache. 
Swim hair & a mustache. 
Great friends.

Friday night Camie & I went swimming. We went of the diving boards a few times, chatted in the water, and we were out & on the way home and hour later. It was a short and sweet pool trip, and super fun. Then, camie and I ran home and got ready for a night of adventures. We stopped at yogurt land (of course) and then picked up ashlee. We went to the dollar store and came home with white mugs. We painted mustaches on them and chatted. Then miss sara came over and we chatted some more. Have I mentioned how much I've missed my friends? Because really, I have.

Saturday I came home to a Uhaul parked in my drive way. It was a truly bizarre feeling to pack up my house and load it into a truck. We decided to put anything we didn't absolutely need into storage so that when we get new carpet we won't have to move as much furniture & so that our house looks a lot bigger when people start looking at it. It was an all day project rewarded by my favorite, a moose tracks shake from artic circle.
That night, Camie, Sara, Chel, and I decided to "stroll" up ensign peak. We chatted all the way up and took pictures at the top. We made friends with a couple at the top and admired the sunset for a couple of minutes then booked it down. Sara was craving a Frutista freeze so we headed to T.B. Along the way we listened to Call Me Maybe & American Pie. Is there a better combination? We retired to Chel's house, facebook stalked her boyfriend, then cuddled to watch Friday Night Lights. I teared up, again and Sara cried. That is one heck of a show. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Loose.

I have missed these girls so very much and had a fabulous weekend laughing with them.

A First

Today in sharing time Abigail turned to me and said, "you have lines on your forehead."
Kelly immediately replied, "those aren't lines, those are wrinkles!"

And so it begins...haha

Misery Loves Company

Perhaps the next time you want to make fun of me like this, you should
remember that my brother follows you on twitter. 
And here's an idea...If you really hate me this much, maybe you should stop creeping on my blog. 
We're not friends, so you don't have to keep tabs on me. I'm doing just fine with out you.
Oh, and remember how I decided to not be your friend anymore? This is exactly why. I don't know why you've chosen to hate me so much, but I refuse to let you bring me down. Go ahead and keep playing the victim. Keep telling our friends that you have no idea why I wrote you off
and I'll keep doing my thing. 

My last word of advice to you: If you are really this unhappy in your life, that you have to constantly judge what I am doing and try to bring me down, perhaps you should make a change. Or you can just keep stalking my blog and writing crap about me, it's actually quite flattering. 

07 June 2012

My Other Brown Man

Michael is the best. Even freaking on the other side of the country (in cameron's mission!) he makes my day. I love that boy. 

06 June 2012

05 June 2012

A Ghost of My Past

sometimes in order to appreciate where you are now, you have to remember where you used to be.
I found this picture on ashlee's facebook the other day & just about died.
The one in the maroon sweater is from December.
The one in the scarf is from last week.
 I was so fat.
I have come so far and have worked incredibly hard.
Some days, it's harder than others. However, pictures like this one remind me why I work my butt off. I will never be like that again. EVER.

Loud & Proud

politics over here

04 June 2012

Adventures in Primary

Yesterday, Abigail asked me if I had any kids yet.

nope, i'm nineteen & am quite sure primary is the best form of birth control ever. seriously.

But oh how I love those kids. 

03 June 2012

After All This Time? Always.

After all this time?

"Kayla, I know you are the girl for me. There is no other person I have ever felt this way about, none else that I want to be with forever and take to the temple than you. I want to be your husband and I want you to be my wife. To wake up everyday next to you. Waiting two years has been hard, but it has prepared me too. It has made me into a better man, so I can be the best husband and father I can for you. I love you sweetheart. I am absolutely crazy about you and our life together. Soon all we have waited and worked for will be here and I will never leave your side again.

Eternally yours, your cam, your missionary, Elder Cameron Trujillo."