16 March 2017

Family Cruise 2017

I can't even say how much fun we had on vacation. Spending the entire week with my little family was just perfect. 

We sailed on the Allure of the Seas. The second biggest ship in the world (the biggest is only 5 cm bigger than ours was and is its sister ship). 

We opted for a balcony cabin this time around, which was great because it gave us more cabin space. We loved sitting out on our balcony and sleeping with the door open so we could hear the ocean. It was so lovely. 

Traveling with crew this time around was a little tricky. The flights were rough until he fell asleep. We also had to pack so many things for him...but it was SO worth it. Watching him experience things for the first time was amazing. He loved the ocean (after some coaxing) and he ate more food than he's ever eaten in his life.

My dad was with us, which was so fun. I loved watching him with crew. He's such a fun grandpa. He also volunteered to watch crew so that cameron and I could go on a date night. We opted for a specialty restaurant on the ship - 150 Central Park. It was the best meal we've ever eaten. Period. 

We had the best trip. I'm sad it's over, but I'm so grateful we're able to go on adventures with our little baby and I'm excited for our adventures to come. 

Family Cruise 2017 - Disney World

(my dad cut crew out of the picture....WHY?!)

We Finally Did It

Since we've been married, each January I complain to Cameron and ask him why we didn't go on vacation. Seriously, January is just the worst. So...this year, we did it. We planned a vacation for the first couple of weeks of February. I started in a new position at Intermountain in January, so going in February worked much better and it kept us focused on getting through January. We planned to sail out of Ft. Lauderdale on our cruise and since we were in Florida I convinced Cameron and my Dad to visit Disney World the day before we sailed away. It was the most MAGICAL day.

Crew loved our adventure in Disney World. There was so much for him to see. My grandma, aunt, and little cousins that live in Florida met up with us which was so fun. I was so happy to have them meet crew bear.

We rode quite a few rides and of course, had to meet pooh bear. Crew was a little scared on some of the rides, but he LOVED tigger and pooh bear.

I loved being in Disney with my little family. We made sure to get Crew a set of mickey ears and the cutest mickey balloon. I SO wish we had had more time in the parks and am dying to go back. It really was the best day.

28 January 2017

Pooh Bear Shirt

This is from a few months back -

My dad picked up this really cute pooh bear shirt in disney land in paris and it was just so perfect for our little bear. He loved it too.

(Apparently it's been too long since i've blogged...I can't remember how to rotate images).

Halloween 2016

Halloween this year, with this little bear, was the best. Cameron and I were set on him being pooh bear, because we call him crew bear constantly. We found the perfect costume at Babies-R-Us. It was fluffy and so warm. Plus, he looked so stinking cute. 

I got to take him to trick or treat at my office that afternoon and then we came home to see all of our baby friends. Our neighborhood has so many little babies - it's the best. We tried to gather up all the babies from our street (missing baby shade) and it was such a TASK to get them to all look and stay put. Honestly, it didn't happen. Haha. 

We also had to take a picture with baby K (minnie). She's crew's little girlfriend. They're 2 weeks apart and are going to be the best of friends. 

We had a lot of fun with our baby bear <3 p="">

16 January 2017

2016 Philly & New York City

While Cam was on his mission the groundbreaking for the Philadelphia Temple took place. Cameron made it a goal to go back to Philly for the dedication of the temple. Fast forward to 2016 and we made the trek out. It was Crew's first flight and I was TERRIFIED. He's been a rough baby, or, at least he had been to that point (now he's doing much better). Anyways, I spent a lot of time reading tricks and tips for flying with babies and found a few things that really helped like bringing a large pillow for baby to sleep on durning the flight and making sure you fee baby on take of and landing so baby's ears don't hurt. Turns out, though, that Crew did great! He must like flying and traveling. 

We flew in to Philly on a red eye and immediately drove up to Scranton, PA for the day. We visited some of Cameron's old areas. I LOVE visiting his mission with him. It makes him so happy. We had lunch at Revelos in Old Forge, which is supposedly the pizza capitol of the world. It was literally the best pizza I've ever had. After 4 years of hearing cameron claim that it was the best, I confirmed that he was right. 

The next day we visited the Wocijikis in the morning. Don't worry, crew threw up on their new house carpet to make sure they remember him. It was so fun to meet them! We had a great visit. That afternoon we drove to the city and saw the beautiful temple. It was breath taking. We took a tour. The inside is very 'colonial' style, which I love considering the history within Philly. There was even a beautiful painting of the founding fathers signing the constitution within the temple. It was so beautiful. I loved walking around the temple with my little family. It was a great chance to slow down and be grateful for all that I have. Cameron teared up as we left the temple. This city and these people mean so much to him and the temple is the cherry on top to his favorite city. 

The next day we decided to head up to NYC. We did everything. The statue of liberty, trinity church (because alexander hamilton is buried there), wall street, broadway, time square, the 9/11 memorial, grand central station, and so much more! We got lost trying to navigate the subways back to our hotel in NJ and we had to lug the stroller up more flights of stairs than anyone should EVER have to carry that thing up. But the city was amazing. It was surreal to visit a place that we've seen on tv and in pictures so many times. Standing in time square was insane. Crew really loved all the lights and sounds. Once again, he was an angel baby. He made so many friends on the ferry, subway, and just on the street. It was so fun to experience the city with my boys.