28 January 2017

Halloween 2016

Halloween this year, with this little bear, was the best. Cameron and I were set on him being pooh bear, because we call him crew bear constantly. We found the perfect costume at Babies-R-Us. It was fluffy and so warm. Plus, he looked so stinking cute. 

I got to take him to trick or treat at my office that afternoon and then we came home to see all of our baby friends. Our neighborhood has so many little babies - it's the best. We tried to gather up all the babies from our street (missing baby shade) and it was such a TASK to get them to all look and stay put. Honestly, it didn't happen. Haha. 

We also had to take a picture with baby K (minnie). She's crew's little girlfriend. They're 2 weeks apart and are going to be the best of friends. 

We had a lot of fun with our baby bear <3 p="">

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