16 March 2017

Family Cruise 2017

I can't even say how much fun we had on vacation. Spending the entire week with my little family was just perfect. 

We sailed on the Allure of the Seas. The second biggest ship in the world (the biggest is only 5 cm bigger than ours was and is its sister ship). 

We opted for a balcony cabin this time around, which was great because it gave us more cabin space. We loved sitting out on our balcony and sleeping with the door open so we could hear the ocean. It was so lovely. 

Traveling with crew this time around was a little tricky. The flights were rough until he fell asleep. We also had to pack so many things for him...but it was SO worth it. Watching him experience things for the first time was amazing. He loved the ocean (after some coaxing) and he ate more food than he's ever eaten in his life.

My dad was with us, which was so fun. I loved watching him with crew. He's such a fun grandpa. He also volunteered to watch crew so that cameron and I could go on a date night. We opted for a specialty restaurant on the ship - 150 Central Park. It was the best meal we've ever eaten. Period. 

We had the best trip. I'm sad it's over, but I'm so grateful we're able to go on adventures with our little baby and I'm excited for our adventures to come. 

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